I’m SO SO SO very excited to announce/remind everyone about the KISSING DAY BLOGFEST that is happening on Monday–in honor of MISTLETOE! (Thanks for Sherrinda and Katie for thinking up this wonderful idea!!)

Now, doesn’t that just sound delightful? A whole day dedicated to kissing!

What does this mean, you ask? Well, if you are a blogger, to participate, post a kissing/almost kissing scene from a book you’ve written/are writing. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, post about a kissing scene from a movie/book that is your favorite! On Twitter, use hash tag #kissingdayblogfest to tell us about your blog or just to share your ‘kissing’ tweets.

Then… have fun reading everyone’s “kissing” blogs!

So, I’m cheating a little and posting a “pre” kissing day blog… but not a kissing scene (I’ll save that for Monday!) I thought I’d tell my own story about my VERY FIRST KISS.

Stop ewwing!!

This is a funny story, I promise!

Okay… so most of you know that I met my husband on the Internet. Technically, our first “kiss” was a MMMMmmmmm over the internet. Stop laughing at me now, please.

Anyway, so we “met” online in June… and that December Scott flew from the almost balmy North Carolina to the ridiculously frigid Northern Minnesota to “meet” me in person.

This, obviously, was a fear inducing event. OH MY GOSH, what if he hates me? Thinks I’m ugly? What if we end up not liking each other but we still have to spend Christmas together?? (Yes, he flew up for a whole week at Christmas!)

But… smart people as we were, we “planned” our week before hand. It started with the meeting. See, we decided we need a signal in case we didn’t like the first impression of each other, so we said that we’d hug each other if we were okay with the other. Can you think of ANYTHING so stupid? I mean… really. The moment he stepped off the plane, my stomach revolted and I almost puked. What if he didn’t hug me??? He’d be there a WHOLE WEEK and I’d know that he thought I was hideously ugly. (He had seen a picture, but I wasn’t totally sure if he had seen the right one since he’d liked it… I had self-esteem issues!)

Thankfully, he hugged me, and on the ride home, held my hand. (awwwww!)

We’d also decided that we needed to get to know each other first before we kissed. Yes, I am still in awe that we’d actually discussed all this. But anyway, we planned to “wait” to kiss until Christmas Eve, that is, if we still liked each other by then.

Suffice to say, come the day before Christmas Eve, Scott had kissed me on the hand, the forehead, the cheek, the nose, and maybe even the neck (DON’T TELL MY MOM!) but not the lips… because of course we were waiting for that.

We stayed up late that night (yes, he was at my house… he slept in my little brother’s room!)

At 12:01 a.m. technically Christmas Eve, we looked at each other and smiled. Scott came close, but stopped.

I was crushed. Did he not want to kiss me? But then he said, “Be right back.”

He went to the bathroom. What kinda guy goes to the bathroom right before kissing a girl? He came back about three minutes later… he’d brushed his teeth and squirted some breath freshener in his mouth. Leave it to my husband!

Then… my honey kissed me.

TOTALLY worth the wait.. and I’ll spare you the details after that. Suffice to say… we’ve now been married over 10 years… and I STILL love kissing my honey!

Discussion: How old were you when you had your VERY FIRST KISS? I… btw… was 17… and was married a year later:-)


Okay, I PROMISE this wasn’t rigged… and I’m not succumbing to the “please pick me” beg in the comments section, but T.Anne won Christmas Peril by virtue of my husband picking a # 1-14. So, congrats! T.Anne, e-mail me your snail mail address at krista @ kristaphillips . com.



  1. That was SO incredibly sweet! I love that story. Very romantic!

    Hmmmm….my first kiss was in 8th grade, so I was what? 14, I think. It was in the movie theaters (how junior high is that?) and my eyes were wide open because I had NO clue what I was doing, let alone that it was even coming!! Makes me laugh thinking about it now.

    P.S. I think it is awesome that you've only ever kissed your hubby!! Wish I could say the same!

  2. Awww! What a super sweet kiss, Krista! And how romantic to brush teeth before hand! 😉 I hope that's in one of your books!

  3. That is the sweetest story of a first kiss I've ever read, Krista! WOW!

  4. How romantic! (heaving heavy sigh) I love that he kissed your hand, forehead, etc BEFORE the real kiss! Talk about creating some "tension"! lol AWESOME! And then an "almost kiss"! lol…I love those! 🙂 I cannot wait to read your kissing scene, girl!!!

    My first kiss was when I was sixteen and my first date. He was a good kisser! I had a date with a guy a few months later who I dubbed the "Whirly Bird", due to his unusual kissing style. 😉 I did not go out with him again! lol

  5. Congratulations T. Anne!

    Krista, I love your first kiss story, that's book worthy girl! When my hubby and I started kissing we never stopped. That was a long night!

  6. Can I just make something up. Does it have to be in a book I've written/am writing?

    I have a great story about my first kiss. I was 16! 16! And I got pulled over by a cop…I'll have you guessing.
    ~ Wendy

  7. What a sweet story! Thanks so much for sharing it. My first kiss was when I was 16; he wasn't a good kisser. I'm sorry now that I gave that first kiss away to someone other than my husband. Who, by the way, after 29 years, is still the best kisser:)

  8. First I have to say that kiss story wow! i'm going to think about that all day. I love hearing real life first kiss stories! My husband and met the last semester of H.S. I had been dating steadily the same guy for three years who had just graduated the year before. (That's practically married in H.S. lol!) And my husband came right up to me when we first started dating and kissed me right there on campus for everyone to see. I still remember that exhilerating feeling! (Don't tell my mom either.)

    And yeah me, I won! Woo hoo!!!! I'm so thrilled. I hardly dragged myself out of bed this morning thinking of all the things I had to do but I feel much better now, thanx!

  9. Beautiful story. The week sounded like a roller coaster ride of emotions but so glad that you guys made it to the end together! :O)

  10. Krista, do you realize how much fun your posts are to read?!! This is so cute and so beautiful at the same time.

    Congratulations to you both! Don't know why I feel the need to say that, but I do. I just so feel the love between you two in this post. Your kids are so lucky to have you guys for parents.

  11. I was 13 and it was at church camp. I still have a place in my heart for that boy.

  12. Awwww! You two are adorable!

    First kiss…I was 20, it was the night before my wedding. We had wanted to wait until the wedding itself, but then we both wanted that moment to be shared by only the two of us, not everyone at the wedding. So technically, our wedding kiss was our second one. 🙂

  13. Love that story of your first kiss!! So romantic and special!!

    I was 17 when I had my first kiss, but I can't say it was romantic. I had met a boy at a dance and we were standing outside after with some friends. As usual, I was yakking away when he leaned down and kissed me! That was it! I never saw him again! I wonder who was the worse kisser?! Hope I've improved since then!! LOL!! At least I haven't had any complaints from hubby!! LOL!

  14. What a sweet, romantic story!

    You and I have more in common than I thought. My late hubby and I met online also compliments of e.Harmony.com.

    Susan 🙂

  15. I was fifteen when I got my first kiss. It was awful–like kissing a drooling hoover. Bletch! I didn't kiss anyone again for five years!

  16. Thanks EVER so much for sharing a romantic story! You should put it in a book (LOL)

    Um, my first kiss was at church camp when I was 13…

    Merry Christmas.
    Your blog has enriched my month!!


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