Words, year verses, goals, resolutions…

I’ve seen lots of posts on the benefits and “ehs” of each of them.


Whatever motivates you, use it!

I’ve done the whole word thing the last few years. Before that I did goals. Both of them worked fairly well for me.

Goals are hard at the moment though, because of my crazy life. It’s hard to set specific goals when life is constantly a topsy turvey roller coaster that I have no idea which way it’ll turn.

So that’s why I’ve been prayerfully doing the whole “word” thing the last few years. It seems to work good for me.

Last year my word was “focus.” I felt like my thoughts and life was so scattered, I was doing lots of things but at the end of the year, didn’t feel like anything was actually accomplished. I felt God calling me to narrow my focus a bit, and specifically, get back on the writing band wagon.

That seemed to work!

I said goodbye to a few things, including a consulting job and my previous literary agent.

But I also said hello to indie-publishing by publishing my first novella, and said hello to a new literary agent who is amazing!

I finished writing two books, almost three, and started another one.

Overall, it was a good year, even though definitely not without its struggles.

This year, however, my word is HOPE.

Not just because my next book coming out is called “A Side of Hope.”

Although, that definitely was an inspiration for it! I feel like this year holds a lot of hope for our family.

–Annabelle should say bye-bye to tube feedings and saying hello to potty training, and might even start kindergarten this year!

–My oldest will turn 15!!!!! this year which means *gulp* starting high school and getting her driver’s permit! HOLY COW! 

–My next oldest will start MIDDLE SCHOOL this year.

–We’re set to take our FIRST trip to Disney World in June (thanks to Papa and Grandma Phillips!) 

–I should publish my last two novellas and maybe even another full-length novel. I also have another full-length novel we’ll be shopping to publishers, with the hope of another traditional book contract.

I’m also hoping that this will be the FIRST year Annabelle has NO hospitalizations.

So yeah, I’m clinging to hope for this year. For God to infuse strength and love and unity and peace into our family. That we can grow in love and grow in HIM and just have a really fantastic year.

The thing I like about Hope is that it isn’t about ME doing anything. It’s about a state of mind. It’s about focusing on the HOPE that is found in Jesus and not about stressing over all the things I should be doing. (except that I hope to lose weight before Disney… and that will involve some doing, or, more aptly, some eating that I should NOT be doing!)

So what about you?

Do you have a word or a verse or resolution or goal for 2015? How did you do on 2014’s? I’d love for you to share it!!