Last week, if you recall, I threw a slight temper-tantrum over our oxygen concentrator.

Today, we conquered it! Or, better said, found the problem and fixed it.

After turning her up to almost 2 liters on the concentrator and still barely having acceptable O2 sats….we went to change the water in the humidifier and found that it had a big crack in it.

Changed the humidifier… and VOILA! Back down to 1/4 of a liter with sat’s in the mid-90’s!

And the angels sing the Hallelujah chorus!!!! I can now know EXACTLY how much oxygen she is getting again… and hopefully should be able to start weaning her down again!


I don’t have an “official” invitation yet, but consider this a “Save the Date” for you locals who are interested.

We’ve debated on what to do, as we really want everyone who wants to to celebrate with us, however we are obviously nervous about germs and such.

So we’ve decided, weather permitting, to have her party in our backyard. That way she can attend, but is close enough that she can go inside off and on.

If the weather is yucky… well, let’s just pray that it isn’t, shall we?!?

It will be on Sunday, July 17th, from 3:30 – 5:30 PM. I’ll be posting her “official” invitation here in the next day or two with RSVP instructions. (I’ll be giving our address to those who RSVP, but for obvious safety reasons, if I don’t know you… I won’t be giving you my address! No offense… I’m pretty much an open book on here, but even I have my limits!)

That Sunday is also going to be Annabelle’s FIRST time going to church!!! I am SO excited, as we are having her dedicated that day, and Lacy is going to be baptised that day too. AND… it is MY first time going to church is exactly a year too! I’m a little nervous… it’s a big outing for us and it’s going to be a REALLY big, long day… but we have family out of town coming in for both occassions, so it works out well to have it that day.

Birthday Theme??

Pink Princess Annabelle… what else!?! No more blue!!!! Hurray!


My Mom is making me do this silly sit-up thing!

I was mad her but Elmo on TV distracted me…

Look… Lacy has a tongue to stick out, too!!!

And I have TOES!!!! They are SO much fun to play with!!!!



  1. Oh my goodness!!!! What a day to look forward to! Wow…you are quite a weekend planned. I will be praying for you all. Celebrate big!

  2. For those of us farther away, perhaps we could offer a card shower to help celebrate or even an "online" place to leave a birthday celebration message (this method would be germ free). So pleased to hear how much better she is doing!

  3. Annabelle looks wonderful!! Beautiful! I am so happy to see her doing so good. We have been keeping up with her for awhile and her progress has brought us much joy. Happy Birthday to Annabelle!!!

  4. wish I had thought about the humidity bottle…we had 4 back to-back like that! For the future, just in case, check the air filter too.


  5. Sounds like a great weekend. Her first birthday and having her home is a BIG celebration!!

  6. So nice to be planning celebrations. And how cool to go as a family to church. It's such a blessing!

  7. I'm so glad you get to go back to church. Drink up everything you can! The music, the Word, the people, the celebrations…Wow, so excited for you!

  8. Praise God for such good news regarding the oxygen! God is good! I'll pray that you'll be able to continue to wean her of the oxygen.

    I'm so excited that she is approaching her first birthday. I love the "pink" princess theme. 🙂

  9. You have the most adorable baby. I am a new follower. I found you through another blog about going from blogger to wordpress and saw your adorable lil angel.

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