Annabelle has been kicking some PT booty lately, and I wanted to show y’all some of her GREAT progress.

We make (and reevaulate) all of her goals every 6 months. Not long ago, we just did her annual goal review, marked off a whole ton of them, and made some new ones.

As this video can plainly see, we can mark “kick the ball” off our list. She was NOT NOT  NOT a fan at the thought of kicking a ball a month ago. Wouldn’t do it for anything.

Now…. (at our ENT appointment Monday)

And then, at PT, Annabelle has become fascinated with the therapy tricycles they have. It wasn’t really a goal, but we had a little extra time, so we figured we’d try it out. You can see how good she did! Miss Jennifer was even letting go and letting Annabelle do it all by herself some!!

Annabelle Prayer Requests:

Even though she is doing FABULOUS, we always have areas for prayer:-)

~ Her ENT appointment showed a still-clogged eartube, which means we’re headed back to the OR for a new set of tubes. We also will have the sedated hearing test at the same time. Unfortunately, this means we’ll most likely have to reschedule our speech eval that was in December, since we need to know her hearing status (and optimize it with good tubes!) to get a quality evaluation. So prayers for right timing and that she does well with it all are appreciated!

~ She’s still struggling with a little cold. It isn’t bad at this point, but always makes Momma nervous!

~ Her anti-rejection levels have been wacky lately… running WAY too high. Unfortunately this means a lot of blood draws for Annabelle. The one on Monday was the worst we’ve had in a long time. Praying next weeks goes better and is much easier for Annabelle!

And since those are the only “bad” things going on right now… I’d say we’re doing pretty good!

Wonderful Wednesday Discussion: What “wonderful” things are going on in your world today?? I love celebrating the bright, cheery stuff!



  1. Krista, it's SO awesome seeing Annabelle kicking a ball and riding a bike!! I feel like it's a miracle, considering everything she's been through. I'll keep you in my prayers about the ongoing issues. You inspire me!!

  2. She did so well kicking the ball and riding the bike! It's so awesome that she is doing so good. I'm praying that her cold gets better and that her tube surgery goes smoothly.

    Rebecca B

  3. Way to go Annabelle!! ;). Praying for God to amaze everyone and completely heal her ears, cold, and make her levels PERFECT. Much love to you! Xoxo

  4. Oh my, she's really progressing in leaps and bounds! Wonderful to see!!
    Praying all will go well next week! 🙂

  5. YAY for Annabelle!! Those videos were so fun to watch 🙂

  6. Go Annabelle!! She is so cute!

  7. So good to see all the progrss that Annabelle is making. She has really taken off. What progress! Praise God! We'll pray for the other stuff, too.

    Our family has a praise. My almost 18 yr old niece went to a local ER yesterday after having severe pain and vomitting. Her parents thought it might be her appendix. After several hours of prodding, poking and tests, a dx was made of kidney stones. She was able to come home last night. She passed the stone this morning. Now she just needs to have the stone analyzed so the drs can recommend what she can do to avoid it in the future.

    Also, there is a young man that attends our church's AWANA program. He isn't saved but after a conversation with him last night, I believe the HS is working in his heart. Please pray for Bradley B.

  8. so cool I love Love LOVE that good job keep up the good work

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