Last week I wrote about how writing is, in essence, a competition. Not cut throat or mean spirited (or at least it shouldn’t be) but there are definitely a limited number of publishing slots for a large number of writers who would like to fill them.

But many of us, especially authors who are writing from a Christian perspective, see our books as more than a potential career. It’s our ministry. Our calling.

For each of us, that calling is different. Some purely want to make a difference in someone’s life via their writing. Others make sure there’s a salvation message in each of their books. Still others view their writing as purely their career, a way to make their living. There are probably a million other reasons people have to write.

For me, my heart’s desire is that I give my reader true entertainment that allows them to laugh, escape, and de-stress from the craziness of life, all the while weaving a spiritual truth throughout that is neither too vague or too “slap them over the head.” My books might not be this monsoon bestseller that spreads across the globe and impacts millions (although that would be okay… ha!) but if I can make the average woman reader smile and grow closer to Jesus, if I can help give the gift of comic relief to that mom who desperately needs a break from her screaming kids, then I’ve done what God has called me to do.

Because I’ve been that woman. I’ve been the person who just needed a good book to escape to, needed that important lesson it taught me. I’ve been about ready to pull out my hair, but put the kids to nap and pulled out a novel and felt a little better. It wasn’t about my life being forever altered, it was about helping my sanity to survive another day. Goodness, it still is!!

Discussion: Why do you write? Or maybe a better question, what do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

If you’re not a writer, what are you doing to make a difference, and what difference do you hope it makes?



  1. I write to captivate and turn hearts toward Jesus. I'm also learning that I write to grow closer to Jesus myself. Ah…I write for SO many reasons. I coudn't list them all here. Great post, Krista!

  2. My answer might be a bit more self centered LOL! I write because I really need to. It helps me stay on an even keel and if I don't make time for writing, it's like I forgot to breath. I need it that bad.

    My other answer is that I want my heart to burn with what burns God's heart so I can write the words that matter.

    I love your reasons:)

  3. Krista, we must be kindred spirits, because your reasons for writing are MY reasons for writing. Seriously, I could have written this post. To be able to write something that allows others to escape into another world and destress would fulfill my dream of becoming a writer. Books have brought me so much joy and I would like to write something that does the same thing for someone else.

    Love the way you think, girl!

  4. Entertainment is certainly a huge part of reading, so I hope that my readers will find escape and enjoyment within the pages of my books. But I also want to weave a spiritual take away into each story, something that makes the reader think and in some way encourages them to persevere in the faith!

    Great post, Krista!

  5. I ditto what Jody said. I hope to strike a balance between entertainment but also have some spiritual growth opportunities in there too.

  6. I love your answer and i don' think I could say it better myself. I do it to escape, to teach, to entertain, to paint word pictures of Christ. I pray the lord uses my novels for his glory. Great post Krista!

  7. I agree with your reasons to write. I just had this discussion with a friend last night.

    I don't want my books to be huge bestsellers, but I do want them to *mean* something. To more than me and her. To other people. I want them to make people think. Escape from their lives while reading and then make their lives better afterward. Does that make sense?

    Yeah, that's what I want.

  8. I hope to entertain, while also making a difference.

  9. Because God has asked me to! Because the words burn in my mind and insist on being captured on paper.

    Great post on the "heart" of the matter!!


  10. I write because I feel called. But beyond that, I feel God's given me something to share, whether fiction or non fiction. Trusting Him to continue to equip and guide me. Thanks for sharing this post!

  11. God has wired me to write. It's the equipment He's given me to share His heart with others.

    Susan 🙂

  12. This is great!! My reasons are super similar to yours.

  13. I write because I think if I didn't, I'd stop breathing. I write in hopes of God using my stories to bring healing to those who desperately need it.

    Great post, Krista!

  14. I too look for books that have a subtle thread to them. A book that entertains me and allows me to escape is certainly a gift. I would love to be able to write something that gives someone else those same feelings and thoughts.

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