You ever have something you really don’t want to do but when you do it, you love the results and you wonder why you always drag your feet?

I do.

It’s exercising.

In the morning, I look at my work out clothes with dread. My to-do list is long… changing, carting Annabelle to the gym, getting all sweaty and nasty… ugh. Seriously, that TO DO list is not getting any shorter!!!

But then I put a hand to my stomach and remember the fat that isn’t getting any smaller either….

Then while I grumble under my breath, I change, throw on my tennis shoes, load Annabelle up, and drive the five minutes to the gym.

For the next hour, I sweat and burn and torture my body.

Somewhere in that time, this amazing thing happens.

I stop hating it.

And start loving it.

Energy is injected into my veins. The drips of sweat carry away my disdain. I leave,energized and feeling 10x’s better. I wonder why in the world I ever hated this in the first place. I’m ready to take on the world, baby.

Then I wake up the next day.

And see the exercise clothes…

And the process repeats.

Weird, huh? I’ve never once gone to the gym and been like, “Dude, this is stupid. I’m just going home.” Well, except once, when five minutes into my workout, the phone rang, telling me a kid was puking at the school and I needed to come get them. Yeah. I wished I hadn’t gone to the trouble that day.

But other than that….

So what about you? Are you gym goer? Do you thrive on it and look forward to it, or are you weird like me and have a love/hate relationship with it?



  1. Definitely have the same love/hate relationship with exercise! I really think it's the changing clothes thing with me – which is sad. What is that – like 2 minutes? I'm not a morning person so exercise when I get home from work – unless I just can't bring myself to change clothes. Or I sit down first.

  2. I work at a gym part time so I will get a free gym membership. I work two days a week from 4:30 am until 7:50 am and then off to my day job. I am required to work out at least two days a week. I have more of I hate the gym more than love the gym. I agree I feel much better afterwards. I love doing the water classes, they are great but I just hate getting in a swim suit and going to the gym.

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