In light of the democratic convention and the upcoming republican convention and candidate nominations, I thought I would write a political blog today.

Yep… I plan to vote for _______ and anyone who doesn’t, well, you can just go fly a kite:-) The reason I want to vote for __________ is because he stands for _______ cause and will vote for __________ and is _______ universal health-care and is _______ abortion and is _______ the Iraq war. I think he will do wonders for our economy by implementing _________ policy.

Wow, I am so opinionated. I know.

Actually, in reality I am VERY opinionated regarding politics. Everyone always says not to discuss politics and religion, but good grief, I love debating both!!

In good healthy debate of course. I am a firm believer that a healthy debate causes BOTH sides to be educated and passionate about their subject. I’ve also learned a lot during debates. Sometimes I became more sympathetic toward the other side, sometimes I just plain change my mind, but many other times it only serves to strength my resolve and opinion.

What I am curious about is why the recent rhetoric of not choosing sides. Maybe that isn’t the way to put it. It just seems we’ve gotten this whole ‘political’ neutral mantra where we are expected not to give our opinion as we might offend someone.

Well, good grief, I hear opinions all the time that aren’t similar to mine and I’m not offended! Granted, I don’t AGREE with them, but that shouldn’t make me offended.

My “opinion” on the matter is that we are used to people giving their opinion in a mean way. Again, political neutral aside, I’ve heard so many Clinton, Bush, Al Gore and Hilary jokes to last me a life time. And ashamedly I admit, I have probably given my fair share of them in the privacy of my home.

But this doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion. As an American, I should be able to stand up for what I believe. Just as I expect not to be judged because I am a woman, I expect not to be judged because of my political affiliation. I don’t cut my hair and wear a wrap around my chest to hide the fact that I’m a woman. (poor analogy, I know) I don’t refrain from saying the word “God” or “Jesus” to hide the fact that I am a Christian, even though I might offend someone. (slightly better analogy)

These are more just my musings for the day, and my simple way of expressing a political opinion of mine without broadcasting my affiliation.

Ohhh, I am curious though. If you had to take a guess, would you guess that I’m Democrat, Republican, or Independent?

My feelings won’t be hurt either way. I’m pretty tough skinned. I *might* reveal my answer later:-)



  1. I’m a political junkie, and very opinionated as well. I wouldn’t venture to guess your affiliation, but man, you have nailed it–people definitely don’t want to step on toes.

  2. Chicken, bawk bawk bawk Chicken!!


  3. I’m glad I stumbled across this blog today. I am SOOO not a political junky, but know I need to get into the game a little bit so I can make the right choice this November.

    OK, I’ll take a guess. Are you Republican?

    You’re right, so many people give their opinions in such a mean way. It just ticks me off. I mean, it’s like “Ok, Ok, you have your opinion, that’s fine, don’t shove it down my throat.”

    I’ll be back to see if you answer.

  4. OK Krista – you are a Republican. I however, just register for the republican party this year. I was a registered…are you ready….Reform party member (with onr H. Ross Perot) until it disbanded.

    I think that the people are taking their ques from some of the leaders who can not say what they believe (read Obama). Or that their pay grades are not high enough to have a belief in when life begins. (You have got to be kidding). I really hope that people listen to him and question what he really stnads for. If he even knows.

  5. Ok, we have 2 votes for republican, and one who abstained. (probably in fear of stepping on toes. LOL)

    I still won’t answer yet. You may be right… you may be wrong:-)

    Sheri, I’m glad I could spur you into thinking about it! Regardless of affiliation, I think voting and being involved in how our country works is crutial to our future as a soverneign nation. I’d be happy to give you an earful of advice… lol, but it would all be biased towards my opinion.

    My biggest recommendation though is to be careful of what you hear. Media, in both directions, isn’t necessarily fact. There is a whole lot of opinions being slung and facts being stretched. (again, this is on both sides, you have the mainstream (abc, cbs, nbc) for the democrats and a bunch of others (fox and pretty much all your radio talk shows) for the republicans.

    It is really hard to just get honest accurate facts anymore!!

    Jeff, wow, reform party! I had forgotten about them!! Uh, you aren’t like, opinionated, or anything are you??? *grin*

    I have so much more to say.. but I’m still trying to keep my secret! Ack!

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