Hubby and I finally spent some time this weekend deciding what to name Baby Girl Phillips.

And we chose one! Obviously, with 14 weeks to go, it is still subject to change. But I am excited about it. In my heart, I know who my little love is and I can talk to her now instead of addressing her as “baby” all the time. Although, I still use a lot of pet names like “little luv” “sweet pea” and the like:-)

Oh, and NO! I am not going to tell you what the name is! HA HA! You’ll have to wait until baby is born, then of course I’ll make sure it is blasted out on facebook/twitter and my blog shortly after.

I had such a hard time with this name though. First, I already have 4 girls (including Abigail who is in heaven with Jesus) so my list of names used is long, especially since we give all our girls 2 middle names. That is 10 names used so far! Then I have to add in all the names to characters in my books so far (don’t want my kids irritated at me later in life for naming them after a flawed character…)

Plus, I wanted baby’s name to mean something, not just to sound pretty (although that was a requirement too!) With my heart heavy and the future a bit uncertain right now, it meant a lot to me to have a name that fits her. And I think it does:-)

Discussion: If you have kids, how did you pick their names? Family names… Bible names… The meaning of the name… or just by “Oh, I LOVE that name!”

If you don’t have kids and you are a writer, how do you pick names for your characters?

If you don’t have kids and don’t write (I’m trying to be inclusive here!) then how do you want to name your future kiddos? Have any names already picked out?

If you are none of the above, well, how’s the weather???

***And just a note, the pics above are of Gabriella at 3 months since obviously I don’t have baby pics yet, well, non-ultrasound ones… of baby:-)



  1. Oh Krista, this is pulling at my heart right now. I'm so happy for you guys! And a little put-out that you're not sharing the name. :-p
    Choosing names was difficult for hubby and I. He's very conservative and had set ideas on our kids' names. LOL
    It's awesome that your girls have two middle names!!! My sisters and I do too. I compromised with hubby and said I'd only give our daughters two middle names. I had all boys. Heh.
    Anyway, mine is Jessica Elizabeth Sue. Nice and practical. lol

    Can't wait to hear about new baby girl!

  2. Our boys' first names are Biblical, and we loved their meaning.

    Middle names are old-fashioned names that could be first or last names (most people ask, "Is that a family name?" Guess the figure someone wouldn't choose it just because!). Plus, they honor a person we admire:

    Sinclair for my husband's seminary prof, Lincoln for you know who.

    Glad your little one has her own special identity.

  3. This is going to sound horrible, but I'm pretty sure I spend more time choosing names for my characters than I did names for my children. Part of that is b/c I had a husband to work with and both of us were quick to agree on the same names.

    I went to the dictionary yesterday to choose a last name. I knew what I wanted, but I needed a twist to it. Like you, I'll leave you hanging. 😉
    ~ Wendy

  4. Yay on coming up with the name! I can't wait to hear!

    Jackson Wade: Jackson was Wade's grandmother's maiden name (plus I LOVE the movie Steel Magnolias), and Wade is my husband's middle name actually. 🙂

    Parker James-Henry: Parker was my great-great-grandmother's maiden name, James was my grandfather's first name, and Henry was Wade's grandfather's first name.

    Simon Val: Simon was Wade's 5-great grandfather's first name, and Val was my daddy's middle name. Simon will be the 4th generation with a "Val" name – my grandfather (Valter), my daddy (Rudy Val), me (Valerie), and Simon Val. 🙂

  5. With 7 weeks to go before my own little one arrives, this is a hot topic for me. I have a name picked out…It's the same one I picked out for my first child, but then he turned out to be a boy. 🙂

    Unfortunately, my husband is one of those guys who refuses to decide until he sees the baby. So when she arrives, I'll just tell him, "This is her name." Hopefully he agrees! 🙂

  6. Wow, that is a LOT of names you've already used! Our kids all start with J's, but each have different middle initials. In other words we have JA, JM, JT, JJ, JE. 🙂

    Still praying for you!! Thankfully we live in a time when doctors can do so much to help with heart problems. I have a couple of friens whose babies had to have heart surgery shortly after birth. And those children are now thriving. That still doesn't stop us from worrying about your precious baby. But we know there is so much hope too.

  7. I'm name-obsessed! Ryan and I had a heck of a time coming up with Brogan, but we both fell in love with it. It's a strong Irish name, and I'm very Irish, and Ryan just liked that it sounded strong…so we agreed!

    As for other names, we have a girl name picked out for future baby number 2, but not a boy name.

    You're in my prayers, Krista. You and that little named baby.

  8. I can't wait to hear it. It was tough for us to come up with the perfect name. We wanted something unique. We didn't want him to share a name with half the boys in his class, but we also didn't want it to be so off the wall that he would hate it later. Now, it fits him perfectly!

  9. You know, when I suggested we do something to honor Kaye for all her hard work in MTCW, I didn't mean something this big, Krista.

  10. Love those pictures!

    My husband mentioned early on in our relationship that if he ever had a daughter, he'd like to name her Heather Michelle…

    And when it came time to name our son, we named him after my father and his.

    Character names sort of spring out of the air at me when I'm spinning the what if questions. 🙂

  11. Oh, no! I thought you were going to tell us the name. I guess I can
    wait 😉

    I used a book of baby names for my first daughter and then used a name I had overheard for my second daughter. As far as character names, I keep a running list of names I hear that I like and then refer to it when I start writing. Or sometimes a name will just come to me out of the blue when I'm beginning a new project and I'll use that.

  12. By the way, I have always loved that pink pic of Gabby. She looks like a little baby model! It's amazing how much she looks like Scott in that picture too. 🙂

  13. Hi Krista. Please come over to my blog at I have a gift for you.
    Thank you for being such a blessing=)
    Robin Prater

  14. All out kids have two middle names too! I knew I like you. =) I'm with Wendy, I actually spent more time on my characters names than those of my children. I just liked their names instantly and stuck to them but once they were born I assigned everyone a nickname.

  15. For some reason I've gotten attached to older names for boys right now (I don't have kids, but I'm afraid to use these in my writing in case I want to use them for actual children). Right now my favorites are Silas and Saul. And I love boys names for girls too my big one right now is Micah.

    As far as family names go… every first born male in my family has had the middle name "Edward" since my great-to-the-nth grandfather whose first name was Edward… until my parents gave my brother the middle names "James Carroll." Oops. Those are family names too but it's not quite the same 😛

  16. Hi Krista –

    LOL! I knew you wouldn't tell us. I remember when you tantalized us about your secret (that you were pregnant).

    My characters first names range from Biblical to just liking them. I once tried to re-name them, but they threw a tantrum. Some of them will be using an alias, but they're not too happy about that either.

    Susan 🙂

  17. My husband picked our daughter's name using a German baby name book. (We were living in Germany at the time.) We both love it, as does she. We changed the spelling when we saw the one the nurse had used on her bassinet in the nursery. It's unique, but The Fashion Queen loves being different.

  18. I had a feeling that you wouldn't divulge the name, but it's your blog after all, and your very own little sweetie pie. Can't wait to hear what her name is when the time comes. And yes, we chose our names for our three kids beforehand.
    Blessings and hugs,

  19. My children are very mad at me for not sharing the name. 🙂

    You all have such unique and great ways for picking names! I think it's fun how we all go about the fun task from different angles.

  20. How wonderful! Treasure these days, my dear!

    Hmmm. Hubby and I made a list of names that resonated in our respective hearts, then compared the list and went from there. A big-time weeding out process began…and eventually we chose Sarah (princess) and Thomas (that Eeyore-like but true-hearted disciple).

  21. When we picked our kids' names, I think we honestly just knew when we had the right ones. And I can't imagine any better way.

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