I started the day complaining.

I’m ending the day exhausted, a bit scared, and thankful.

They extubated Annabelle a little after noon today, and as I expected, she did GREAT. Usually she has a rough day or two with some hard breathing, fast respitory rates, and just a general look of “I’m really trying, Momma!” This time though, she looked wonderful! She was breathing so naturally, she was happy, she just looked awesome. Everyone kept commenting on it. She even did her PT and got up in her tumble chair and looked all around.

I left to go home because Scott had to work tonight so I was gonna go be with the kiddos. My plan was to come back really late after he got home ( like around midnightish) so I could be here in the morning for doctor’s rounds. I was about 2 minutes from home when my phone rang and the hospitals number showed up.

It was the social worker. MY heart about stopped beating.

She said that I needed to come back if I could because there were a lot of people in Annabelle’s room. She didn’t know what was going on, but it was obviously something.

I panicked. I apologize to anyone in the subdivision, but I laid on the gas (I did keep a close eye out for kiddos) and drove as fast as I could to my daughter’s school to pick her up (she was at an afterschool activity) then drove home. In the mean time, I got another phone call saying that she was stable but something had gone wrong with her breathing. They didn’t get to the point of chest compressions, but either she had gotten too sleepy or her airway had gotten obstucted. She was breathing fine now, and they had put her on CPAP and were getting another gas to see the “damage.”

By the time we got to the hospital, she was stable and looking okay. Come to find out her heart rate had dropped to 70 all the sudden and she had desatted to 60. She didn’t “stop” breathing really (although no one could give me a firm answer on that) but the little breathing she was doing wasn’t pushing oxygen to the rest of her body. They had to give her a wiff of something to “wake” her up and make her breathe, and bag her for a bit to get her back breathing and her heartrate up.

Her blood gas after that was TERRIBLE. But they put her on CPAP, did another one, and it got a little better. One after that was even better again.

Then, tonight, I went to the back of the room and was on my laptop for just a couple minutes when her monitor dinged. She desatted just a little but came right back up. But when I checked on her, I noticed her Gtube dressing was soaked with bloody-watery gunk.

She has since soaked through 5 dressings in the last hour.

On top of that, we did another blood gas a bit ago and while not HORRIBLE, it had gotten a little worse than the previous one.


So, yeah. It’s been a day.

Praying tomorrow is better.

Praying that Gtube site stops leaking.

Praying that we do NOT have to get intubated again.

Praying that I can go home tomorrow night with NO issues here because my hubby and kiddos (and ME) need a family night very badly. We are going to put up our Christmas tree. Annabelle REALLY REALLY needs to be stable so we can actually enjoy our family time without Mommy fretting the whole time.

And now I’m going to try and get a little sleep. *yawn* Tomorrow is another day.

Oh, and in case I haven’t mentioned it lately. God is still good:-)



  1. Sending much love and prayers your way. I really hope you are able to enjoy putting up the tree with your girls. Just think next year Annabelle will be all over it! 🙂 Sweet dreams.

  2. Hugs. Love. Prayers.

    I ache to think what you went through tonight, Krista. May tomorrow night be a much different scene, one of you, your hubby, and your three older girls around a decorated tree while Annabelle rests peacefully and makes so much progress she amazes her medical team.

  3. Wow, Krista. I don't know how you do it. I'll be praying, praying, praying for your family. I wish there was something more I could do.

  4. My heart just hurts for what all you are having to go through. Huge hugs and prayers are going your way!

  5. We'll be praying that she continues to improve, slowly but surely, and that you can get a little break to have some quality "family time" with the rest of the fam.

  6. Oh, Krista–I'm so sorry for the ups and downs of the day. I'll be praying for you and your family.

  7. Hopped over from Katie Ganshert's blog. I wanted you to know that you can COUNT on my prayers. Your name and her name written in my Bible.Your daughter is SO precious.

    I have a son that was born with rare brain disorder. We have been in and out of hospitals all his life. But you are RIGHT. GOD IS SO GOOD. And ALWAYS WITH US IN THE MIDST OF ALL THIS.

    It's hard. So hard. But just a bit easier when we share with christian friends. Praying…

  8. We will continue praying for precious "princess" Annabelle and for you and the rest of the family.

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