We’re home! Yeah!!!!

Went to another doctor’s visit today after a call yesterday telling us that her electrolytes were way out of whack.

I was VERY worried they would make us stay at the hospital for part or all of the weekend. Since it is a holiday weekend, we can’t come for a electrolyte check until Tuesday, and she is still breathing harder than she should be and fast, even though she is keeping her SATS up today (unlike yesterday when we had to go up on her oxygen and she was pretty pale for a while.)

But her numbers were better today, so they decided to let us go home, with the understanding that we have a low threshold to go into the emergency room if she is breathing harder or having lower SATs or pretty much anything that is worrisome.

The biggest set of news, however, is that Annabelle will most likely have to go in for a heart cath sometime within the next month. Her SVC (which had to be rebuilt during transplant) and her PA both have narrowings, and since we are still having issues with her breathing and we are still on oxygen, the thought is that maybe ballooning the narrowings will help. Previously they’d planned to wait a much longer time period before doing it.

It’s a little disheartening to know we have to go back to the hospital so soon… but we are praying that it helps her breathe better so we can keep moving in the right direction!

But for now, we are basking in the glory and craziness of HOME. Slowly getting into a rhythm (notice the word getting… we have a ways to go still!) but loving being able to take care of my baby at HOME!

OHHH, I just still love that word… HOME HOME HOME.

Speaking of! GOOD NEWS!

Miss Anna Reese, Annabelle’s heart-friend from Vanderbilt, went home yesterday!!!!!! Please continue to pray for her though, as she still has another surgery to go, and is going home on a lot of oxygen.

*update* Your prayers tonight are appreciated. Annabelle is doing fine, just not as well as I would like. We went up on her O2 a little because the pulse oximeter was showing they were low, but it’s hard to tell if it is picking up right, and she “looked” okay. But then she got mad (bed time and was sleeply) and was breathing harder, but then her SATs got better, so who knows. Anyway, she’s sleeping, but Momma is trying not to be worried.

Please pray that she breathes calmly and deeply, and that Scott and I have wisdom to know when/if we should take her in.

Sorry, still no pics. I’m so tired my eyes are burning tonight! Must. Have. Sleep. But will have a hard time sleeping tonight… checking Annabelle’s numbers every little bit! *sigh*



  1. This must be the reason I'm up so late. Will be praying for your Annabelle.

  2. So glad to read you are still at home. Wonderful!
    I hope you're all sleeping right now (it's almost noon here on this side of the big pond) and getting some rest.
    I'm praying!!!

  3. Praying for Annabelle. Glad you left the update.

  4. Krista I am so happy you are HOME! I am sure it is overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Praying you can take it one day at a time, and treasure every moment. Enjoy!!

  5. I'm praying for you all. May she heal and be able to stay home!


  6. Pictures are nice, but you getting your rest and taking care of family is more important.

    Hope she (and you) had a good night.

  7. Will continue to pray. Thanks for updating us. Be sure to take some time to rest when you can.

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