For the past 2 weeks, hubby and I have dedicated every waking/non-working moment just about to reorganizing/cleaning/rehauling our house. With Baby Annabelle coming, it was in sore need of it!

But now, I’m POOPED! I’d hoped to get a lot of rest while kiddos were gone, to work on my writing, to pre-blog a bunch to ease my July crazy schedule, to catch up on crits, but I got NONE of that done. I was so tired last night I couldn’t even write this blog… and I sit here this morning, eyes about to close on their own.

However: The pain was worth it! I don’t think my house has ever been this clean and organized! Granted, there are still a few things we didn’t get done, however I’m starting to feel like I’m almost ready for baby Annabelle, and that is a marvelous feeling especially when it’s only a little over 5 weeks before she’ll be here!

There is just something invigorating about working hard and completely a task. The harder the task, the more victorious the win is.

It’s like I’m standing at the finish line, sweat pouring down my body (believe me, given our heat lately and my prego hot flashes, this is very close to reality!) hands waiving in the air (no, I’m not in labor) screaming, “I WON! I DID IT! I FINISHED!” Then, I callapse on the floor in a heap, sleep for 20 hours straight, and wake up to find the next line to conquer.

I know what you’re thinking. Seriously? Cleaning her house is that big of a deal? Let me tell you, YOU didn’t see my house before!!! My hubby was complaining the other day about the fact that we’ve spent ALL of our “break” time fixing up our house instead of doing all the fun things we don’t usually have time to do, aka me writing and him playing disk golf (don’t ask….) My answer to him was this: We are paying penance. Seriously, for the last year or so we’ve both been quite lazy when it comes to keeping up with our house, and in the month prior to our “break” when we should have been trying to get all this done so we COULD enjoy our time, we just plain didn’t.

And, in a move that makes every woman’s heart flutter, my hubby looked at me and said, “Ya know? You’re right.”

Ahhh, sweet, sweet words.

So, question for you today: What beast have you conquered lately? What has made you do the ol’ tarzan yell? If you can’t think of one, then what beast do you NEED to conquer?

**Note** I’m blogging over at The Writer’s Alleys today, and it’s all about CHARACTERS! Specifically, I’ll share with you a wee little bit about the main characters in my Sandwich book, so please come on over!



  1. My house needs cleaning and organizing too. In a BAD way. When you've been too sick to do anything for nine months, and there are three men (one big and two little) in the house, you can imagine what it looks like. My momma has come up to scrape the nastiest of the crud off the top, but it's just not somewhere I want to bring Simon home to in 3 1/2 weeks. Too bad though. Gotta get over it. I'm pretty much confined to bed for most of the day at this point. 🙁 I keep telling myself that I'll feel like cleaning again once the C-section recovery is over and that since this is my last baby, maybe life won't ever have to be this way again. We pretty much just tread water through the nine months of each of my pregnancies, which affects our finances (Dave Ramsey would shake his head at all the McDonald's trips), our marriage, our children, our house, EVERYTHING. Ugh. I'm just ready to be done and get back to normal.

  2. Oh, I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!
    Yes, cleaning well is a HUGE deal. I should know. Just tackled two spiderwebbed bookshelves this week!

    That's one accomplishment. The other? FORCING myself back into the WIP after the China hiatus and…REDISCOVERING JOY in writing and maybe a few good sentences.

    Praise GOD!!

    And you, my dear, have a great weekend!


  3. I love the feeling of a clean house. It doesn't come often enough around here :). I've been going through closets and gathering everything I can to donate and get out of my house. It will feel great to get that done.

  4. How exciting! I love the name Annabelle. Cute.

    I dropped off clothes to charity today. I also got over 300 pictures developed. I am roaring!

  5. Valerie!!! OH my goodness, I want to run over there and help you SO very badly! UGH you need to be closer! Seriously, if I can make a way before Mr. Simon comes, I will! **HUGS**

    Patti: Thanks! WOOHOO on tacking your bookshelves! I did that project last night at home:-) Ahhh, I SO need to get back to my own WIP too… I will, I will, I WILL!

  6. Julie… YEAH for you doing some nice early summer cleaning out! it feels SO good to get rid of things, doesn't it?!? I have a TON to donate to goodwill, and a very large "to garage sale" pile!

    Jill… I'm doing the Tarzan yell and beating my chest with you!!! Okay, maybe not the beating part… that's sore, ha! And wow, you just reminded me that I have about 5 rolls of film from a few yaears ago (that I PRAY haven't gone bad yet!) that I need to get developed! I WILL DO IT!

  7. Oooo, girl, you are so awesome! I am very impressed, because I had the week off and SHOULD have organized and cleaned. But NOOOOOo, I read and watched movies, and spent time with a friend, etc….NOTHING. So I don't have that great feeling. I feel a little guilty, actually. 🙂

    Thanks alot!!!!!! lolol

  8. I want before and after pics!!! :O)

    Be proud in all your hard work. Happy weekend!

  9. Hi Krista –

    Even though you're tired, I can relate to how good a job well done feels.

    When I've completed a major task, it's satisfying to sit down and enjoy the peacefulness. The last time I experienced this was a month ago when I once again found my desk.

    The nice part: I've managed to keep it fairly clean and orderly.

    Susan 🙂

  10. Congrats on the cleean house, Krista!! I always say I hate cleaning, but I LOVE having cleaned. Nothing to cheer up my mood like a clean and organized home!

    Hope you're enjoying those little-girl hugs.

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