MAN what a week.

Stupid, life-threatening Mistakes

First, it started on monday by getting my hand slapped (not literally) by Annabelle’s doctor, and rightly so. I made a really stupid mistake on her meds over the weekend (I won’t go into detail) and it caused her blood level of her main anti-rejection med to be severely low. Considering we’d been struggling for the past two weeks to keep it high enough (most likely because of her Extreme Diaper Makeover: Poop Edition) it is NOT good that she dipped even lower.

So I’ve worried ALL week about potential rejection, which they warned is a possibility.

Heads that Ache

I’ve also struggled with headaches all week, from Monday through Thursday. Having a headache for 4 days is NO FUN AT ALL. It would go away with meds, but come right back after they wore off. It is gone now, thank you JESUS! But suffice to say, it took every ounce of my energy. I got zero accomplished this week and felt like a horrible Momma. My poor husband bore the brunt of my irritability. I love him. And I love that he loves me even when I’m not super kind.

Tummy’s that are full

Yesterday, we decided to be “bad” and go out to lunch. Our “out-to-eat” times are few and far between given us trying to preserve our finances. That, and we’ve both been making a concerted effort to watch what we eat. (good for the waistline AND the wallet, HA!)

So this was a big splurge for us. And really, I think I needed it. I had a big honkin’ cheese burger, fries, coke, and a chocolate frosty.

It was heaven.

The cheeseburger diet

I am also pleased to report that even though I splurged, I was still down another pound this morning! It puts me within 3 pounds of my pre-Annabelle weight! (Then I have to start working on the weight from the other three kids… HA!)

And today, I felt SO much better! I spent the morning cleaning my house, something I’d not done all week. I barely scratched the surface, but still, it was nice to accomplish something!

The REALLY important prayer request

Then… I got a phone call.

My daddy went to the emergency room and was admitted. He had triple bypass heart surgery in 2009, and he was having pretty bad chest pain today. They haven’t said for sure if it was a heart attack again or not, but we are all obviously concerned. They will be doing a heart cath on Monday to take a “look” around and see if they find any issues.

Please, please keep my daddy in your prayers this weekend, and specifically on Monday as they do the cath. God is in control of this, just like he was with Annabelle. We are trusting Him, and praying he helps my mom, dad, and the doctors to make wise decisions.

Regarding Annabelle…

She is doing well enough. She made me a wee bit nervous last night, her SAT’s stayed in the low 90’s to upper 80’s most of the night, which is lower than what they have been. We are keeping an eye out on it, especially give my stupid mistake last weekend.

We also changed her formula. She was having SUCH bad stools, like 7 to 10 a day, and they would go EVERYWHERE, and I thought she was looking a little dry again. So, I decided to change it (we wanted to do so in the next week or two anyway) to see if it made a difference.

I’m happy to report it DID! So far today, she has only pooped TWICE! And both of them were contained by her diaper for the most part! (Sorry for the yucky visual!)

She’s still gagging some, but I vent her and it gets better immediately.

And she’s eating a little again! Her eating is another thing that has REALLY worn on me this week too. I literally wanted to quit some days. It got worse every day until Thursday, I couldn’t even get a bite in her.

Until Thursday night. I *made* her eat a bite (aka shoved the spoon between her tightly closed lips while she pushed my hand away) and you know what? I put that spoon up to her mouth again, and she opened her mouth and ate it. We repeated it until the jar was gone. First time she willingly ate in a week.

I think my daughter is just stubborn and opinionated or something. Today she ate some, but not “whole” jars. I’m not pushing too hard though. Trying to find a balance that will teach her to eat and get in the habit without her absolutely hating me for it.

Sorry for the long, not-so-upbeat update. I have pictures I could post, but to be honest, I’m tired and worn out. My energy from this morning has long since been drained.

See now, I really don’t like leaving a blog on a depressing note.

So…. God is good, eh? Yes, yes, He is. Every day. All the time. Through the great days and the stinky ones. Amen? Amen!



  1. He is good all the time. And I am praying for you all.

  2. Silly me…and what I was hearing was that our little Princess who spent her first year just laying there not being able to have an opinion, and unable to move around NOW WAS ABLE TO EXPRESS HERSELF! I rejoiced at her strength to hold her little lips tightly pinched together and still fight you of. And I smiled that she is forming her own opinions of what she likes and what she doesn't!

    I will continue to pray for your family…especially your dad, as you have always been a part of our daily requests. Praying in Hershey, Pa. Cheri Horgan

  3. Sorry you had such a rough week, Krista. I hope the weekend is restful and includes some fun times with your wonderful family.

    Prayers for your dad.

  4. Amen! God is good … especially in the stinky times 😉

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