You ever notice how weekends are either really good or really bad?

Usually I would describe the perfect weekend as being able to sleep in, relax and not do much of anything at all!! Sound great, right? I am slowly discovering that I don’t jive that way. Lately my worst weekends are where I am lazy. Usually this is because I look at my house and my circumstances and am completely overwhelmed. I then go into conserve mode, knowing that work will be busy the next week, so ignore my house, ignore everything that needs to be done, and even at times ignore my kids. I don’t get a thing done and feel like the most horrible excuse for a human being.

Likewise, my best weekends are when I am productive. When I actually make myself get out of bed before 8 in the morning on Saturday, I make it to church on time on sunday, and actually get a task accomplished and play games with my kiddos.

This weekend was thankfully one of those good weekends!! I had alot to do, and my house still looks like a tornado went through it, but I had energy! I got up on Saturday, played with my kids, went shopping for easter dresses and actually found the right ones!, went to church on Saturday evening, oh, and I forgot, actually took a little nap on saturday afternoon! Sunday, since we had already gone to church the evening before, was great! I woke up with more energy than I have had since… well since I gave birth to Gabriella actually!! My energy meter has been low since my third child entered the world… I have no idea why!!

Anyway, I had a hankering to clean out the garage today for some reason. So off to Target we went to buy storage bins, and a storage rack to help in our organizing mission. We came home and spent hours cleaning, throwing away (my favorite part!) and organizing! We are still not done, but have seen the fruits of our labor in that our van is now parked in our garage! HALLELUIAH!

I then took myself off to work for a few hours, which I actually didn’t mind. I took Lacy with me to keep me company, so was treated to numerous highlight colored pages of beautiful… designs!

To the normal person, this doesn’t not sound like a great weekend, but to me it was bliss! I got something accomplished and I had energy!! I spent time with my kiddos, which is lacking of late. I spent a little time with my hubby, albeit we were cleaning… but it was still time!

Next weekend is Easter, and my goal is to finish the garage. We’ll see how it goes…