Today is “wear red” day.

Some wear read for Women to raise awareness for heart disease. A SUPER important thing!

But today, I’m wearing red for my daughter.

And I’m wear red for all the children out there fighting to overcome a heart defect, the #1 cause of death in children.

One in every 100 babies are born with a heart defect.

So if you’re able, I’d love for you to “wear red” today loud and proud! You’re more than welcome to point to Annabelle’s story on my blog or on Facebook as your inspiration… or any other child you know that is fighting or has fought. It doesn’t matter who or how, just that people are aware.

Why is awareness so important?

Because parents are still sent home from the hospital with children who have an undetected heart defect… and then turn blue and die at home.

Because moms like me are still dumbfounded when the doctor announces that their child has a heart defect in utero— and that it’s a pretty common and deadly thing.

Because way too many people say, “Oh, it’s just a heart defect. Those are easy to fix.” Annabelle’s “heart” defect put her in the hospital for a currently total of 364 days and cost well over $3 million dollars in medical bills and counting.

Because CHD research is incredibly underfunded—I can’t tell you how many times we were told, ‘We don’t know….” because research desperately needs to be done.

Because many heart defects have no cure. Their “fixes” such as Annabelle are largely viewed as Life Extenders vs. Life Savers.

So yes… awareness is important.

These sweet little children who fight with every breath are important.

So… today, I ask you… please wear red and share a story.

If you won’t listen to me… maybe you’ll listen to sweet Annabelle 🙂


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  1. I wore red on Friday for you all 🙂

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