I know, I know. The subject is totally grammatically incorrect.

But it’s true.

In the last few years that I’ve been writing, I’ve read tons of blog posts about rejection. They talk about “getting use to it, it only gets worse when you’re published,” “It’s just one step closer to publication,” “Most all famous writer’s were rejected multiple times.”

These things are SO true and reminders that I needed at the time. But I’m going a little different route today.

I’ve been rereading Francine River’s A Voice in the Wind, and finished last night. Can I say WOW? If you’ve never read it, regardless of your choice of religion/usual taste in fiction, I’d highly recommend. It’s life impacting. So over my next couple of Monday/Wednesday posts, I’m going to focus on a few things God reminded me about life/writing through reading it.

So as I read the book, it hit me how much we complain about the “rejection” of our books. How dare someone not like our brilliance? We’ve worked so hard, sweat, taken time to pour our souls into our books, and some editor would have the audacity to reject us? Okay, so maybe we don’t say that. We demurely say, “This must not have been the right publisher.” But inwardly it stings. It pours salt on an open wound that is our pride.

But can I just say? How arrogant, prideful and selfish of us. We have the freedom to write fiction of our choosing. We have the freedom to worship and serve God through our writing. We aren’t whipped and beaten and used as human torches for the delight of Pagan worshipers, or used as food for lions at the enjoyment and grotesque delight of thousands of people looking on, cheering for the beasts.

So I ask you this today. Who do you write for? If God called so many, many early Christians to serve him, be obedient to him, and still allowed them, in his loving-kindness, to be murdered in so awful a way, wouldn’t He call some of us to toil over our books, to put our heart into writing something that would please him, and then say, “Good, now I have something else for you.” or “Good, but I’m not ready for you to be published yet.”

We can’t know what God’s ultimate plan is. He only gives us footsteps. I pray that we all follow God’s footsteps and lean on him, trusting him no matter what comes. Rejection isn’t the end. It’s a step in God’s plan, and He knows. He knows everything. Trusting in him through rejection won’t necessarily bring us a book contract, but it will bring us closer to the Savior who gave his life for us. Because God refines through fire. He burns off the chaff until only the beauty within remains.

Tell me, what would you rather have? A book contract… or a closer relationship to Jesus? For you non-writers, this applies to every area of life where you fear/face failure. No job right now? God is bigger and more powerful than any job we might need. Fed up with your job? God has placed you there for a purpose for such a time as this. Serve them with Love.

But above all, trust God, and (pointing the finger at myself too) stop belly-aching.


Would love your thoughts on rejection, oh, and if you’ve read the book, your thoughts on it as well. I’m reading book 2 now… if you don’t have it handy when you finish the first one, better make sure you finish it at a time when you can run to the store and buy the other immediately. Trust me!



  1. Hey, Krista!!

    I LOVE those books SO MUCH! Especially books one and two. Book three is different and focuses on different characters, but still good.

    You're so right. We have amazing freedom to write what we believe. One day we might not have that freedom at all. This is something I've wrestled a lot with, because I have worked in closed countries and would love to continue to do so. For a while, I sought to keep my name off the internet so it wouldn't be googled. Then I realized it was already up there–linked to a missions organization. Such freedom came with that realization!

    If I had to choose, I'd choose a better walk with God anyday. Hadassah is a true heroine. I hope you love book 2 as much as book 1! I do!

  2. Rejection? Ugh.

    I can say that some rejections are better than others.

    One rejection I got will live in infamy in my head for the rest of my entire, whole, life!

    Others have been encouraging.

  3. Love that book!!! Hate rejection … but you know, I find there's a lesson to be learned in each one, so I take it to the Lord in prayer.

  4. I LOOOOOVE that series. I just gave it away yesterday to a friend. I really hope she reads it. Amazing!

    I write for the glorification of God and he may use my writing how ever he wishes. Yes, rejection still hurts.

  5. Hi Krista –

    Books that challenge me to live a more committed life rank high on my list. When an author can reach the innermost areas of my heart, I know I'm reading a great book.

    Thanks for an excellent post, Krista.

    Susan 🙂

  6. Hey Krista! Thanks for the reminder that we write for the purpose of bringing honor to God! It's easy to forget that when we're intent on getting published.

    Blessings to you as you write for Him!

  7. Great post, Krista, and so true. We do belly ache about small things (me, too) when God has called others to tasks much more difficult–tasks that literally put their lives on the line.

    I write for God, and for myself–so I can draw closer to Him, just as you said.

  8. Not sure what to say about rejection…other than there's a reason for it.

    But I do know what to say about that series. BEST series EVER! I reread them at least once a year. Hadassah lives in my heart. Talk about life-changing fiction.

  9. Great post! I haven't read the book, but will have to add it to my long list of "to read" titles.

    In my own experiences, I really believe that God does have us go through difficult things (book rejection, etc.) to bring out the extra shine in us all.

  10. definitely one of my fav series. holds a place of honors on my shelf in its little boxed set. 🙂 really liked book 1 and 2…the scenes with marcus and hadassah rock.

    The Character Therapist

  11. Since I'm too scared to send my stuff out anywhere I haven't faced any rejection…YET…I know I will though. It's part of the whole writing thing, you know. 🙂

  12. Rejection isn't the end. It's a step in God's plan, and He knows.

    Love this phrase. So true! In fact, I hate rejection but have learned a TON from it! enjoy your time alone!

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