I was sitting in Books-a-Million the other day, getting a bit of writing done while my kids were at a church function.

As any good writer does, I was multi-tasking by writing and eavesdropping at the same time. It’s amazing the story ideas you get by listening to others speak.

Anyway, one girl was telling a funny story. I didn’t catch the whole thing, just the tail end. It went a little something like…

“So, the guy was walking around the cafeteria, telling everyone he’s Jesus. Someone said, ‘Prove it.’ He said, ‘Okay, I will’ then took a cup of water off the table, dumped it on the floor, and stepped on it.”

I had a really hard time not laughing (thus giving away my eavesdropping status.)

Some might call the joke sacrilegious. Maybe it was a little bit.

But sitting there, I just had this picture of Jesus up in heaven with an amused smile on his face, a wink in his eye, saying, “Ha! Good one!”

Am I the only one who pictures Jesus like this? 

And furthermore, am I the only one who finds the whole “walking on water” joke a wee bit funny??? 

Anyone have any other fun jokes to tell? I’m a fan of giggles. Let’s have ’em! 

(photo from freedigitalphotos.net)



  1. Haha I would laugh about that too, Krista. 🙂 Also, I don't think I've been to your blog since the redesign. I love it! Fresh, modern and cute!

    1. Thanks, Melissa!!! I decided the weekend before book launch that I needed a blog spring—er summer— cleaning up!!!

  2. I think whether or not that joke is funny depends on how we see Jesus. Some see Him as a Loving Punisher, as if that makes sense. So these people actually fear and scorn any humor about Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit. Others, like me, see Him as a Loving Lord who only punishes to keep us right with Him and grow our character. I also see Him as the One who created us all, including all comedians and jokesters, so He definitely has a sense of humor. I did laugh at the joke when I read it, and I'm sure He laughed when He heard it, before the beginning of time. Thanks for the story. Keep on writing.

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