Last night I decided to be a GOOD Mommy and take my kids on a walk around the neighborhood. Big deal right?

Wrong. First, the high today was in the 90’s, and it’s been raining a lot, so it is VERY humid outside. I thought going at 7ish would be better, but it was still sticky and hot.

All three of my daughters INSISTED on riding their scooters on said walk. I could have said no. I should have said no. But we don’t do this as often as we should, so I gave in. This was my second mistake of the evening. (the first could arguably be the date I picked to go…)

Third mistake was not bringing a water bottle. Silly me thought since we were just going around the block, there wasn’t a need. But according to my five-year-old, I pretty much committed the unpardonable sin by this omission.

We were only up the street when my three-year-old handed her scooter over to me to carry. I sighed, having expected it already, but irritated none the less. Hey, in my defense, it was HOT, which breeds irritability.

She ran on, happy as can be, and caught up with her eldest sister. Lacy lagged with me, trying very hard to master her scooter skills. A block later, she looks at me. “Mommy, I can’t do it.”

Like the wonderful, nice, caring Mother I am, I replied, “Yes, you can. Because I am NOT, I repeat NOT, carrying that dad gum scooter.” I may have inserted the word stupid as well. I don’t remember… did I mention it was hot? Very hot?

We kept walking for a bit, and she stopped again. “Mommy, I need scooter lessons.”

“They don’t have scooter lessons, Lacy.”

“Why not?”


A few more houses down. “You should have brought a water bottle.”

I seethe. “But I didn’t. There’s nothing I can do about that now.”

She proceeds to stomp her foot, jut out her lip and do that little mad squeal only five-year-old little girls can master. “But I’m HOT Mommy. I want a water bottle NOW!”

I’m thinking… yes, let’s just knock on someone’s door and beg for one. That’ll be just great. Aloud, I say, “Lacy, I don’t have one. Hurry up so we can get home and get a drink there.”

We rounded another corner, and the complaining continued, and I got more irritable, if that is even possible. Then we see a big ole black dog. No leash. No owner in site.

This does not bode well. AT ALL!

We walk quickly past the dog, me with a three-year-old now permanently attached to my leg. The canine proceeds to follow us until a lady walking the other direction with a dog passes us. Thankfully, he decides the other dog is more interesting… or tasty… then three girls and a hot, mad mom.

We arrive home, and I declare that our next walk will be scooterless. When I get the resounding, “BUT MOM”‘S I stomp my OWN foot this time and squeal like only a mad, hot mother can do.

Then I come inside, relay my angst to Jody via twitter, and sit down to vent via my blog.

Discussion: I could sit here and give you all sorts of writing analogies for my story. Conflict anyone? But, um, yeah. It just feels like a stretch. So let’s discuss the last ill-advised thing you have done, where you look back and think, “What in the world was I thinking???” I think we could get some VERY fun stories here!



  1. Okay, this is halarious. Not at the time, I'm sure. But after the fact. I never do anything stupid, so I don't have any stories for ya. HA! Yeah right. I'll have to come back later after I think of some.

  2. This happens to me every time. Sometimes I think I'm too stupid to live. I go on a walk, ask my daughter if she wants to go, then actually get surprised when she meets me outside with her helmet and skooter. I smack my head.

    "No. I meant a walk."

    Nothing going. She takes off and I take off after her, then spend the entire walk chasing her, yelling at her to watch for cars, then end up carrying the dern skooter all the way home while she gripes that she's hot.

    The scene repeats itself the next day because I'm TSTL.

    Let's see if I can apply a writing analogy. Hmm. How 'bout we continue to write everyday knowing the journey will carry a heavy load.

    sorry that's the best I can do.

  3. Yep, I look back and wonder why I ever did the longs walks. My kids always want to be a carried after the first 1/4 mile. I'd forgotten our kids are close in age. I have a 5 aqnd 3 also!

  4. AWESOME retelling! Your story lived up to my expectations and more! 🙂 Are you a writer or something?! I felt like I was right there with you, especially with the whole water thing. Near the end of our walks, my girls start complaining of how thirsty they are. I can't ever figure that one out. I'm pulling 40 extra pounds of wagon and child behind me and sweating up a storm, but I'm not about to die of thirst. But somehow they always are!

  5. I'm a mom of 3 myself…I make these mistakes every day! Even the simplest things such as "Sure you can go watch a movie." without picking the darned movie out myself can have dire consequences!!!

    Good luck not bringing the scooters on the next walk 😉

  6. Yes, Krista, I've been there. How many storytimes were ruined when they were young? Too many to count. Even now, I'll suggest bike-riding in the park and it's as if I suggested extra math lessons with tetanus shots after.

    Next time you're on that walk, think of your blogger pal Jill and know you are never alone!!

  7. Oh, man, I hope you got cooled off.

    Last ill-advised thing I've done…does eating some ice-cream last weekend count?

  8. That sounds like a very frustrating walk indeed. I've been there. Loved your answer to Jody's first five blogging mistakes. I love how you seem to have grown in writing.

  9. Glad I'm not alone!! Thanks, everyone for commisserating with me today! (and Nancy… thanks for the comment! LOVE Jody's blog, and yes, I've grown in my writing, although I have lots more to go! It's a fun processing though:-))

  10. Hmmm you might better ask my husband for an answer to that one:)

  11. Oh.My.Goodness! That was too funny! I love the picture of you stomping your foot and squealing! lol. Thanks for sharing a super funny story!

  12. Walked to church without checking weather. Wound up running home in the midst of lightning and thunder with baby in stroller, older brother standing on stroller all while wearing flip flops! Why did I wear flip flops?!!? At least my hubby was pushing the stroller–he'd worn sensible shoes.

  13. Hi Krista – I came across your site through Jody Hedlund's blog. I had a VERY similar experience the other day with my two boys. Although, mine involved a bike, a stroller, and a very long uphill climb! Really enjoyed reading here!

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