Yeah for Wagon Rides!!!

Jesus has been good this week.

What am I saying? He’s good EVERY week.

But I had SO much fun announcing my “first” contract on Monday. THANK YOU everyone for celebrating with me!

And today, I have another, even BETTER, thing to celebrate.

Well, let me back up to Monday a bit. We had our monday clinic visit that day, and also a swallow study to get Annabelle approved to “try” liquids. She passed fabulously! Although, she still was NOT NOT NOT okay with eating, so we barely got said liquid down here!

Clinic was a little scary though. She had lost a POUND since discharge from the hospital the week prior. Big sign of dehydration. She looked pretty dry too. They wanted us to stay around until lab results came in, thinking there was a good possibility we might have to admit her again for IV fluids.

But we came home (Scott was with me, we only had one car, and needed to be home for the kids to get off the bus.)

They called us a few hours later, her labs showed she was dry, but not TOO dry, so no need for admitting! YEAH!!! We adjusted her feeds to add more water, and we have to go back tomorrow for another check.

Monday night, Annabelle and I did our daily “try” to eat routine. Usually this consists of me putting a spoon to her mouth, and her puckering up her lips, turning her head, and pushing it away. She is NOT a fan of “tasting” time as I call it.

Then I had this brilliant idea. It was against what some of the feeding therapists had advised, but she’s my daughter and I thought, hey, let’s try it.

My daughter LOVES her binky. She opens her mouth easily for her binky. So, I gave her the binky, only right before it plopped into her mouth, I shoved a bite of food in instead.

She swallowed.

I repeated.

She swallowed.

SO I again, repeated.

We did this about 20 times, eating 1/4th of the jar of baby food, the most she has EVER eaten for me by mouth. Usually a few bites is victory.

I was on cloud NINE! I’ve been praying really hard, begging God to help us with Annabelle’s eating. So this was a great victory.

And it got better. The next morning, I tried it with baby rice cereal. And she did fabulous. Ate quite a few bites.

Then at lunch, I tried it without the binky.

And you know what my daughter did??????????????????


Feed me Momma!

Yes, that’s right, she opened her little baby girl mouth right up, chomped on that spoon, swallowed that food, then opened up again. She even got to lean forward when I was being too slow!!!

She ate the rest of the 3/4 jar of sweet potatoes, and for dinner, ate a WHOLE jar of squash.

I’m just… yeah. I don’t even know what to say. Part of me wants to pinch myself… is she really doing this well??

NO more Sweet potatoes!!

Last night, I thought hey, if she is doing this well, what about a sippy cup?

That did not go so grand. But without the “flow” thing on it (meaning it just drips into her mouth without her having to suck) she “drank” several sips of it. I count this as progress!!!

RE: Gtube feeds

She is still gagging some. but our routine seems to be working better. She’s still having “blowout” stools which concern me a little, but I think adding rice cereal helped. THANK YOU to all those who suggested the blenderized diet and other things. I’m going to hold off for now, because she’s doing MUCH better, and I want to concentrate more on her “oral” feeds than her Gtube feeds, so right now, we are holding tight with gtube feeds!

Other fun things

We roasted hot dogs for dinner outside. This is a normal thing for our family, but what was COOL is that ANNABELLE got to go outside too! Before, we didn’t let her because oxygen and fire don’t mix, obviously!

So she had fun sitting outside with us, which was SUPER cool!

Daddy and his girls!

She also took her FIRST wagon ride around the neighborhood last week!!! I
LOVE this cooler weather so we can take her out more! She wasn’t sure
what to think about it, but did a GREAT job on her ride!

A family wagon ride! (Well, only Annabelle gets the wagon!)

And I neglected to post this yesterday but…


I can’t believe my baby is 14 months old!!!! 

Oh, and we’re up to 110 votes! THANK YOU for those who voted!!! Voting ends on 10/15:-)

Praying you all have a FABULOUS rest of the week!!!



  1. Such exciting news, so happy for you guys! What an awesome God we have. Happy 14th month Birthday Annabelle!

  2. Read all the way through with jaw dropped and squealing with delight "OH MY GOSH!" I am so excited for you and for Annabelle! What an awesome job of eating. Keep it up girl! This is the most exciting news I've heard today – absolutely amazed at God's mercy. So, so happy to see those empty jars, ohhh and she got to enjoy the outdoors..What an awesome blog post – seriously I would frame this on the wall if I were you. Praying for God's blessings to continuously flow your way ~ Love n Prayers ~ Lis

  3. What a WONDERFUL update! She looks great!! 🙂 🙂 I'm so happy for you and your family Krista! 🙂 🙂

  4. okay I have tears in my eyes as I am rejoicing with you!! I did the same pacifier trick with Ella!! God is so good, also sweet potatoes and squash are Ella's favorites! 🙂 YAY YAY YAY Annabelle!!! Ella had bad gag reflexes for several months, but she hardly ever gags anymore! I was convinced she would never eat a solid because just a tiny corner of an already small "fruit puff" would make her vomit. Today I have to stop her from stuffing too many in her mouth at once!! 🙂 Hang in there, so happy for Annablle's GREAT news!! ~heart hugs! 🙂

  5. Krista, I know it seems like a simple thing and probably not why Annabelle is having blow out diapers but is it possible that she is lactose intolerant? My 18 month old is and when I went from nursing to milk and started giving her dairy she started having major diaper blowouts. As soon as I took lactose (ie. lactose free dairy) she stopped having such blowouts. I know you all have been through millions of tests, etc. but I thought that sometimes the simplest answers are the ones we overlook when there are much larger issues at hand. Just a thought. Still praying for you all and are glad you have had so many victories this week.

  6. That is so awesome to hear that she ate. We just celebrated that milestone with Logan not too long ago. I understand how excited you feel because I have felt that same excitement. God is soooo good!


  7. Oh Krista, reading this post filled my heart with such joy! Way to go Annabelle!!!

  8. How exciting, Krista!!! God whispered that little binky idea in your mind, y'know. What a huge step! Yay, Annabelle!

  9. I have tears in my eyes … from happiness! This is amazing news. Way to go, Annabelle!!
    Way to go, Jesus!!


    There's so much in that blog post that makes me wanna EEEEEEEEEEE!!!, but I can't because I'm in the computer lab at school!!!


  11. Absolutely loved reading this post. So happy to read exciting news about Annabelle. Also, major congrats for your book news. God is just awesome. Loved the family photo!

  12. I'm always late to the party, so I'll double my congrats for Annabelle and your publishing contract.

  13. I can't believe Annabelle is eating so well! That is fantastic news! Praise the Lord!!

  14. Okay, so I feel better after reading some of the comments because I was seriously feeling weird about getting excited that she opened her mouth for the spoon and had tears in my eyes. LOL. But it IS so exciting to see Annabelle doing so good and she just encourages me so much since she is an answered prayer!!

    And congrats on the publishing contract!!!

  15. I was all smiles reading your post about the feedings go so well. My son did not eat by mouth until he was almost a year old so I exactly how you feel. To go from refusing to take even a bite to eating a whole jar of food is amazing!!! I am so happy for her! I pray that the progress continues. Mason went from not eating a thing to eating everything in sight in only a matter of two months! It is possible.

  16. Praise God! He is sooo good! I love how He gives us those ideas just when we need them. I know that He has done that for me so many times.

    I loved the pics of Annabelle eating her food. I know the joy that brings when you have been used to having to feed by g-tube. It brings a light to the end of the tunnel where one day it won't be needed anymore. 🙂

    Also loved the pics of all of you being outside together as a family. What a blessing.

    We continue to pray for all of you. May God bless.

  17. "Our God is an awesome God!!!!!" Can you hear me singing up the hill from you? So happy to hear this wonderful news!

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