Unpublished Author

I find myself today in a new catagory of life, the catagory of the ‘unpublished author’. Actually, let me rephrase that. I have been in this catagory since I was born, but am just becoming aware of my surroundings. And what does this new scenery look like?

Picture this: You are in a really big room. There are so many doors leading out of this room that you can’t even count them!! You hear alot of commotion outside the room, and can see what is going on through little windows in some of the doors, but all the doors are locked! You knock and knock, but no one answers.

I am reminded of my status everyday. Every time I pick up a new book to read, I realize that no one can pick up my book yet. Everytime I read in the market guide about the very small percentage of books publishers take from new authors, I am reminded of my slim chances. Every time I read books geared toward the unpublished author, they remind me of how many people strive to publish a book but will never acheive that goal.

Futile? Absolutely not! With Jesus, there is always hope! God has called me to do this, to write, so no matter what happens, I am to be obedient and continue knocking. And someday, at the perfect moment, some wonderful agent or publisher will have mercy on me and will finally open a door! And what a day of rejoicing that will be! Not quite as joyous as the day of Christs return of course, but it will be glorious none the less!

Until then, I wait. And while I wait, I read, I write, I research, I focus on improving my craft, I seek God’s will for my life. The good Lord knows when my time will come. Of course I hope and pray it is sooner than later, but until then, I rest in Jesus and enjoy the ride!