Our thanksgiving crafts my kids and I did yesterday! I’m not the craftiest person… but it was fun anyway!
‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving
when all through the house. 
Every creature was stirring,
Yes even the mouse.
The oven was baking,
in the kitchen with care
In hopes that the turkey,
would turn out quite fair.
The children were screaming,
“I want pumpkin pie NOW”
In hopes that mom and dad would tire,
and a bite they would allow.
And momma in her apron
And daddy with his fork
Had just finished yelling,
cause momma had called him a dork (when he tried to sneak his own bite of course)
When out on the lawn
There arose such a noise
They all dashed outside,
Everyone so very annoyed
They all stopped in their tracks
And stared with mouths gaping
To see such a sight
sent them all to much shaking
The moon on the grass
not a speck of snow in sight
gave the vision of turkeys,
all ready for a fight.
You see the angry poultry
had staged a large objection
They were sick and tired
of being Thanksgiving’s big affection.
Then along came a cow
who just rolled his eyes.
The family hoped to goodness
It wouldn’t eat their pies. 
But the cow snorted loudly
and said with a look to fear
“Hey turkeys, be ye thankful
You’re just popular just once per year.”

If we didn’t need another reminder… this is why I write fiction and not poetry. 


  1. Krista has clearly taken to hitting the bottle! LOL!! GREAT poem!!! Love it and Love you!!!! 🙂

  2. I love the poem! I totally stink @ poetry. I stick to Haiku. 😉

  3. FLossie, I stink at poetry too… unless I can be stupid on purpose and then I can usually crank something out, ha!

  4. LOL, love it! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Krista! And thanks for the fun poem.

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