Tummy bugs stink for ANY kiddo.

But for Annabelle, they spell NOT GOOD.

I’ve been so frustrated at being so far behind in my blogging, and was SO Hoping to do a fun catch-up blog post today to show all the FUN things our family has been doing, but yeah. Not so much.

Yesterday started out fabulous. Trip to Nashville for OT, then back home for a good nap, then a PT evaluation with the school system for next year. (She transitions out of early intervention into the school system next year to help her catch up and be ready for SCHOOL in a few years.)

But yeah… WAY too much watery stools later and by the end of a night, a sweet girl with slightly dusky skin and sunken eyes later… Mommy was very worried. So we stopped pediasure feeds and went to 100% pedialite which I had to break out the old feeding pump to feed her overnight to try to get her caught up on fluids.

She did well with it, except for the 3 bed/jammie changes in the middle of the night.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this morning will be better, than it was just a short 24 hour tummy bug that has been going around (that she had about 3 to 4 weeks ago already.)

She’s watching some blues clues, doing a LOT of snuggling with Momma, and currently is playing with a toy, albeit a little half-heartedly.

Please keep my pumpkin in your prayers. If she doesn’t stop her diarrhea soon, I’ll need to take her in. Which I REALLY hate to do on SO many levels. I’m trying to mix some baby food (pears) in with her pedialite this morning to transition her back to “food” and hopefully help with the stools, so we shall see.

Also, her labs at her cardiac clinic last week had been off a little, specifically her anti-rejection med levels. We redid them this week, and they were STILL way too low. We have to go back, yet again, next week for more labs. So this makes her being sick even more worrisome for me. *sigh*

It’s so difficult…. I handle tummy bugs with my other kiddos fine. They happen, you get through it. But Annabelle doesn’t handle them like other kiddos. She gets dehydrated FAST and I have to be super diligent to stay on top of it otherwise it is not good. *sigh* Just a wee bit of stress and worry today that I need to give to Jesus. I know. 



  1. Lifting up a prayer for Annabelle. Praying she gets over her tummy bug fast and they get the levels of her anti-rejection meds worked out.

  2. Praying for all of you!!!!


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