I’m scratching my head today. Sometimes I just don’t understand. We just continue to take steps forward, then steps almost immediately backward. It feels like a big game of tug of war, but dad gum it we are gonna tug hard and pray harder, and get her home no matter the obsticle or big pond of mud in front of us…

On Sunday, the hospital called and said Annabelle was doing SO very well, they were going to move her back upstairs to a regular patient room. I was BEYOND excited, although disappointed that I was missing her “move” because I was sick.

She did great yesterday, they got her oxygen down to a quarter of a liter (down from a half), although her blood pressure was still trending high so they started her on another blood pressure medicine, so she is now on two of them temporarily.

But Scott got there last night and said that she sounded kinda junky. They had to suction her out overnight, go back up on her oxygen to a liter, and switch her diaretics to IV to try and get fluid off. I just want to stomp my feet…. she was doing SO well so to take this step backward is frustrating (they don’t want her going home on oxygen, and obviously she can’t go home on IV meds.)

And I’m still sick. Getting better, but just junky in my head and not well enough to go see my Annabelle. But I’m feeling better, so I’m praying that tomorrow I’ll be MUCH better and will be able to go see my baby! PLEASE Jesus let it be so!

On the slight bright side, I’m trying to use my time to 1.) rest and 2.) get things done around the house to prepare for Annabelle’s homecoming. I rearranged stuff in the kitchen to make room for Annabelle’s Meds, and put away stuff that we’d brought home from the hospital in anticipation of her coming home. I’m also spending good time with my kiddos, which is MUCH needed. It’s also getting me used to being “home” again, which I needed since I’ve been used to the hospital for so long.

And sleeping in my own bed is nice too! 🙂

It’s also giving Daddy good Annabelle time as well so he can get used to taking care of her without me taking over (like I would EVER do that!!!!! Me? Controlling?????)

Below is a picture Scott sent me of my baby this morning. OH OH OH did this make my heart yearn to give her big hugs and kisses! SOON I hope!



  1. I'm so sorry you are sick and Annabelle is a little junky. But I'm sure your body is telling you it needed a rest. Praying for quick healing.

    She is precious!

  2. What a wonderful picture of Annabelle, Krista. Get well soon.

  3. I'm sorry you're sick, Krista, and that Annabelle isn't doing quite as well as she was. I'm glad, though, that you are getting a rest and are enjoying some time at home with your older girls. Sounds like you're busy doing what my hubby calls "nesting," which could be just the thing so you're ready for the big homecoming.

    I LOVE that picture of Annabelle!!!

  4. Such a sweet picture! I can't imagine how hard it is to be away, but I love the blessings you listed in the midst of it. And hallelujah for sleeping in your own bed! Hopefully Annabelle will be down the hall tucked in her own bed soon!

  5. aww she is adorable. Hope you feel better soon and that you are able to see her again. praying Annabelle can come HOME soon!!

  6. Praying that you will get to see Annabelle tomorrow and that she is doing better when you arrive . I am sure she will have an even bigger smile for you when she sees you ! [love her smile!] God bless

  7. That picture is ridiculously cute! I know it has to be SO difficult to be away from her. Praying for both of you.

  8. Krista,
    I hope you feel better soon so you can be with your sweet Annabelle (but I'm sure your other girls are loving having you home).

    We continue to pray for the whole Phillips family.

    God bless.

  9. We will continue to pray harder! God is bigger and stronger! Annabelle is so adorable (as are the other 4 Phillips girls, yes including you Krista!)

    Praying for your family in Canada!
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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