It is totally Tuesday and I TOTALLY realize that I skipped Music Monday. It will be back next week in full force with another wonderful tune for your listening pleasure!

On a bright note, I received my first book to review in the mail from Thomas Nelson’s new blogger book review program! I started on it last night and look forward to finishing it so I can blog about it here. So far, it’s a thumbs up, but I’m only 1/5th of the way through.

On to my blog topic of the day:

I’ve had a riveting twitter exchange with a literary agent regarding the skimpiness of dresses seen on TV and movies.

Now, I know you all are choking and wondering why, I, Krista Phillips, unpublished unknown author am chatting it up with a literary agent about ‘hoochy girl’ dress as I so lovingly refer to them with my girls, but, well, I did so there!

It all started with my eight-year-old and four-year-old seeing High School Musical 3 last Saturday. It was a great movie, kiddos loved it, but Mommy flinched a good bit of the time at the upper thigh length dresses the teens were wearing.

I tried to justify it that they were dancers so probably had the little dancer suit underneath (like ballet) but it was still a little “hoochy” for my tastes.

This made me also mention about Dancing with the Stars, another favorite show of my girls and mine. BUT good grief, their dresses are ridiculous sometimes!

Karalynn, Lacy and I have this hilarious routine when we watch. When a girl comes out, they tell me whether they like the dress or not. (This is based purely on whether they deem the dress to be risque or OK)

If they are unsure if it shows too much, then turn to me and ask if I like it. Then Mommy gets to judge. If I say No (which means a little too much skin is showing even for a dancer) then they declare the dress ugly and horrible.

If I say I like it, then they declare it’s the most beautiful dress they’ve ever seen.

Other mothers, probably more prudent than I, probably just don’t let their children watch said show with skimpy dresses.

But this mommy has decided to teach kiddos how to discern for themselves. And, it does my heart good to hear them booing the skimpy dresses.

Now, it will be GREAT if that lasts and they’re still like that at age 16!!

I can hope right!?!



  1. You hit on a good point. I don’t even have kids, but I DO cringe at what I see thinkging, “Oh, there are kids out there watching this.” Although the kiddos seeing it aren’t mine…my heart still sinks.

    I’m glad you spend the time watching these with your kids, seems the right thing to do. Helping them see what’s acceptable or not.

    Have a great day, Krista.

  2. That’s a great teaching tool, Krista!

    You can’t keep your kids from seeing things- even if you never let them watch anything unless everyone was properly clad, they’d still see it around the world.

    And even some of the classics, like Annie and Sound of Music have underwear shots when the dancers are spinning around, so what can you do?

    I think you’re doing it exactly the right way- using the things in the world around them to teach them lessons about modesty.

    Rock on!

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