Back in my earlier blogging days, I’d do blogs with humorous top tens….

We’ve had such goodies as

Ten things men can learn from The Bachelor
Top Ten Romance Blunders
Top Ten Ways to know your children are getting too old…
Ten things *I* learned from The Bachelorette
Ten things Writers do NOT want to hear
Ten things Men can learn from a Romance Novel

There are more… but those are some of my favorite:-)

Following my recent theme of “Simplifying” things… here are some ideas in the form of Top Ten of things we (er, I) could “delete” from our day….

  1. The daily 10am to 11am watching of The Price Is Right. (Although I vow to fold laundry though it while I shout “HIGHER” and “STUPID BID, idiot!” So that makes it productive and allowed to stay, right?!?)
  2. Cleaning Toilets. Think about it. It is just going to be dirty again the next time someone needs to “go” so what’s the point??? 
  3. Facebook/Twitter checking. (Although… what if something major happens… and you weren’t checking the news feed and didn’t find out about it… like a meteor was found to be plummeting to earth directly toward your house… it could be a case of life or DEATH… probably should not delete this one then…)
  4. Eating. Between fixing, actually eating, then cleaning up, this is super time consuming. And deleting it means WEIGHTLOSS! HELLO SKINNY FRIDAY!
  5. Taking a nap. (although… isn’t there scientific studies giving the value of a little siesta in the middle of the day to perk up your mind???? I mean… if science says it, it MUST be true! And far be it from me to go against science….)
  6. Laundry. Seriously, get the kids their own Tide-to-go pen for those stains, teach them how to throw their clothes in dryer to perk them up, and yeah, who needs laundry?!? Just THINK of how much time/money you could save… not to mention WATER! Yeah, yeah, that would make you like this fabulous conservationist! It’s good for the environment, people! NO MORE LAUNDRY!!!
  7. Pinterest… (although… all those visuals will be sure to help enhance your house when you do those fun craft ideas, not to mention the words-of-wisdom quotes… so this is probably a keeper too)
  8. Mowing the lawn. Hint: Go to Lowes, get some wildflower seeds and sprinkle all over your yard. Don’t mow… just let it GROW with the flowers! Your yard will look like one of those beautiful fields of flowers like they used to run through on Little House on the Prairie! You’ll be the envy of EVERY house on the block, and with very little time spent!
  9. Shopping. (Although… walking around the mall is SUPER good exercise… and this will help your Skinny Friday goal too… so I think this is another undeleteable too…)
  10. Paying Bills. Think of how much more money you’ll have to do #9, since that one is obviously necessary to life… 

In summary… to live a happy life, stop cleaning your toilets, eating, doing laundry, mowing the lawn, and paying bills, and keep watching Price is Right, checking Facebook/Twitter, taking naps, playing on Pinterest, and shopping.

Now, don’t all thank me for this wonderful advice at the same time. That you could get these words of wisdom free… on a blog… is just nothing short of amazing. You’re welcome….


Discussion: What excuses do you use NOT to delete something from your day? Do you have anything to add to my list???



  1. Hahhahaaaa!!! Love it. I don't delete chocolate. I tell myself it's a healthy snack. *grin*

    1. Jessica… chocolate is grown from a plant. Thus making it a vegetable. GO FOR IT!

  2. LOL – you know, deleting the eating will keep your toilets clean as well! Maybe we could delete – Making the Beds. Hey, we're climbing right back into them in a few hours anyway.

    1. Confession: I already delete this one most days. Geez, I'm just going to get right back in there 15 hours later!!! (or earlier given #5!)

  3. I deleted studying from my routine. Oh wait. as of 2pm today, It's SUMMER so I guess that is appropriate 🙂 yay!!

  4. One of the things to NEVER delete from your routine…Showering. EXTREMELY important 🙂

  5. One thing I'll never delete from my list is kissing my husband goodbye every morning! It helps the day go by smoother!

    1. Oka… THAT just made the romantic in me sniffle a bit! TOO SWEET!!! Unfortunately my hubby leaves at 4:30 in the morning… so he'd probably get punched if he even tried to kiss me (krista=notamorningperson) however… He does come home on his lunch break… so at least the last half of my day can go smoother! ha!

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