I was all set to do this great blog post on managing your “writing” time. We all have tons of responsibilities that get in the way…er… I mean, are more IMPORTANT than writing, like, oh, maybe kids? husbands? day jobs? and how to manage the little nugget of time we are able to set aside for pure writing is difficult.

But then I realized something; I don’t have the answer. I’m still struggling daily with finding the balance, and still not sure how much time to devote to writing, networking, and trying to get my book(s) published.

At the moment I’m doing a “day-by-day” method which isn’t really efficient, but I’m getting by.

I was (and still am) so excited about today, as my mom has my kids all day and I have the house to myself, which NEVER EVER happens, at least not for more than an hour or so.

I had it in my head to try to clean up a little, and write a little and had dreams of grandeur of all the things I could get done.

The yesterday my neck/shoulder started to ache. This morning I seriously could not get out of bed. My husband had to lift me up and I screamed in pain. I have NEVER had my neck hurt so bad. Something has to be wrong, but alas, it’s Saturday, so I’ll go to the Dr Monday if it isn’t better by then.

So now I’m here, sitting in my rocking chair with about four pillows surrounding me, propping me up so I have the least amount of pain possible. My Aleive is by my side, even though technically I can’t take more for 6 hours (ha, we’ll see if that happens!)

And I realized, except for writing this blog really quick, the ONLY thing I can do today is write. Now, I don’t think God caused my neck to hurt, but I do believe for everything there is a reason, and God uses things like this. So, today I write, and do nothing else. (except gasp every few minutes in pain… but hey, whatever!)

Just a note: Please don’t read this and think I am this huge big baby. I usually handle pain pretty well for the most part. I birthed three babies naturally will little pain medicine, and I have this motto that is “Get over it”. But wow, I’m having a difficult time getting over this for some reason.

Anyway, I’m going back to my writing now. If you could, say a brief prayer for me today, not only that the pain goes away, but that I use this time laid up WISELY and get lots done.



  1. Beth Moore had something like that happen to her once. She was an workout instructor and kept telling Gof she would quite and begin a ministry soon as she found a group of students she didn’t like. Well that never happened. God gave her an injury and she had to stop. SHe always felt it was from him. I love Beth Moore.

  2. I’ll be praying this is nothing serious! Keep us posted.

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