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I’m the one driving the car… Kathy’s holding the sandwich!
The open house will be a come and go event… You’re more than welcome to pop in when you come, say hi, and grab… 
A Sandwich for the Road!
Discussion: Pretend you’re grabbing a sandwich and hitting the road on an impromtu road trip.
Where would you go and why?


  1. I would go to California. I love cali! excited for this event. will be marking my calendar!

    1. Ohhhh! I've never been to California, it's on my list of places to visit too!!!

  2. My book shipped from Amazon, can not wait to get it and read it!!!

    My road trip would be to Rocky Springs, Mississippi. It is on the Natchez Trace. It is not very far from here, no electricity, lots of trees and a creek to play in. For several years, after church we would grab sandwich stuff or a bucket of chicken and head to Rocky Springs for picnic and play in the creek. It was a town at one time, the old church is still in the back. I love to ride the Natchez Trace and just stop and explore. My goal is to ride the entire Natchez Trace.

    Have a wonderful weekend, I am still working on my Annabelle gifts. (My work has been very busy)

    1. My hubby loves to take the kiddos camping on the Natchez Trace!!! Mommy loves it too… cause I got to stay home w/o kids (well, except for Annabell enow) and have some quiet time, HA!


      (I'm not really a sleep on the ground kinda girl…. but a day trip sounds super fun!)

  3. Going to update the post in a second, but a reminder because there has been a few questions:


    No need to be local to attend, you can come in your comfy clothes from the comfort of your own home (or in your work clothes while you sneak on the Internet at work… just saying… HA!)

    Click on the invite to go to the Facebook event page.

    AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A FACEBOOK USER to enter either!!!

    Open to EVERYONE with an email address:-)

  4. oh, WOOT!!! I don't have FB and I was seriously bummed. RSVP'ing.

    1. YEAH, Julia! Make sure you go to the FB event page and click the link to preregister (found in the description) You dont' have to be a FB member, just have a name and an email address:-)

  5. I don't want to sound morbid but my impromptu road trip would be to the family cemetery. It's at an isolated, mountain-top location with beautiful, sweeping views. A feeling of serenity usually encompasses me while I'm there. It's almost as if I'm in an open chapel. I can communicate with God so easily there. Also, I enjoy looking at the headstones of family members and reminiscing of wonderful times with them. For those family members I didnt know, I love to imagine their lives and piece together what they might have been like based on family stories.

    1. That's not morbid! Okay, fine, maybe a little, but I don't mind cemeteries, and an isolated mountain top one sounds amazing! Well, not at night, but a good day trip anyway!

    2. Yes, definitely a day trip, especially since I visualize taking this trip solo! If it was an impromptu family trip, it would probably be to Pipestem State Park because of it's beauty and fun things to do – not to mention family tradition.

  6. My road trip would take me several days and more than one sandwich. There are family members that I want to visit. Eight of them I have never met. It would be a lovely trip filled with hugs, catch-up visiting, and plenty of pictures to capture the memories made.

  7. Wade and I have often said that we'd like to drive U.S. Highway 70. It was the main east/west thoroughfare before I-40. (Or Hwy. 31, which was the north/south "interstate" around here before I-65.) There are so many towns that used to be booming little places before the interstate killed them. (Think: Cars movie.) We'd like to just get in the car and start driving to see what the country is REALLY like, not just what little pieces of towns you can see from interstate exits.

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