First day at work on Monday went well. For me and for hubby.

Got a surprising blessing in the mail. Whomever sent it… thank you. Don’t know what more to say than that. Speechless.

Just… yeah. God is good. His timing is perfect.

Annabelle had her speech evaluation on Friday. It went as expected, but a little disheartening. She’s communicating at around a 9 month old level, give or take. 🙁

But we’re gonna work on that. She’s making steps. Progress. And that’s what matters.

And… she does fun things like waves goodbye and licks french fries and chicken nuggets.

Yes, I know it’s the opposite of healthy.

But… it’s normal.

I really love little bits of normal from time to time.



  1. Just wanted to tell you not to give up hope on her communication…she will catch up!! My best friend has a 3 yr..they told her he would would never talk..those doctors need to come hear him sing Jesus loves me at church..God is great and I know in a few years Annabelle will be right on track if not ahead of other kids her age!

    1. Thanks! We're definitely not giving up, but putting a little more emphasis on it now! I really think once we get her hearing figured out, this will help a lot too!

  2. Krista, I, too, can't help but believe that she will talk when she is good and ready. Watching her in video, it seems that she is pretty independent. Talking (like potty training) is something kids have a say in (no pun intended). She was so very powerless over her life for so long. Now she's got some power!! Why wouldn't she exert it a little bit?! I think when SHE decides that speaking is in her best interest, she will give it more attention. No matter what, she is really cute right now!!

    Carolyn (in Las Vegas)

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