A sign that you need to get a better handle on your schedule:

You are called by your inlaws who are at your house on Monday telling you a lady is there for a 12:30 appointment. It is 12:20. You drive home (of course not speeding AT ALL *ahem*,) having forgotten that a Tuesday 10am appointment had been moved up a day to Monday.

Then on Tuesday the next day, you’re getting ready to leave the house at around 11 when a guy shows up on your doorstep. You then realized you’d scheduled him to come at 11 that day because of your normally scheduled 10am appointment which was actually on Monday this week but of course you’d forgotten about that.

And this is just the tip my insanity of late.

Why can’t I figure out this whole schedule thing?? 

I think a lot of it is that we have so many “regularly” scheduled appointments each week that changes just throw a wrench into things.

The other part is that I’m a little bit ditsy when it comes to details and with every baby I’ve birthed, my memory goes a little more. I write things down, but then forget to look at what I write. Or I go to write it down, but get distracted and forget.

Is there some vitamin I can take to regrow brain memory cells???

How do YOU organize your schedule and not forget critical things???



  1. i try as best I can to program appts in my phone, which is always with me. good example yesterday tho that that doesn't always work. my youngest daughter usually rides home with her sister, but had an after school event….so i was supposed to pick her up….i did look at the clock about a hundred times between 2-3:30….and then again at 4:05 when I was supposed to have been there at 4. she survived.

    Although not very many of our appts are dr related, it does help a lot to put them in my phone as soon as they are made. Now i just need a ringer to remind me to check my phone when the little "appt" beep goes off.

  2. Target sells a big calendar (it's the size of a desk calendar) and we have that affixed to the pantry door in our kitchen. Each family member gets the same line on the calendar assigned to them so they know where to look for things pertaining to them. Special events that are for the whole family (or reminders about other friends/family birthdays and anniversaries) get written at the top of the day and then since I meal plan out for 2 weeks at a time the meal for the day gets written at the bottom of the day. I've tried planners, phone calendars, etc but nothing really worked for us until we started using the big calendar. Good luck Krista! Blessings : )

  3. First of all, you're normal. My ex used to say that the placenta was made up of material brain cells (this did not endear him to this post-partum mom, btw). You're not so much forgetful as you have an overabundance of things to keep track of, far and beyond the appointments. Dina and Dana (how did THAT happen?) have some great tips, but deep breaths, and the understanding that it'll happen for a few more years works, too. There are worse things than missed appointments. Speeding tickets, for instance…

    1. Ha! I know! I thought the same thing…all we need now is a Donna : )

  4. That would be "MATERNAL brain cells" Bleh.

  5. When there were 5 of us college girls living together, we used a week over week calender. Ours was magnetic and on the fridge.
    (Something like this: http://www.dormco.com/Calendar_by_the_Week_Dry_Erase_Dorm_necessity_p/i2-3-6-1414wow.htm)

    We each had a color, so it was easy to see where someone was. You can look at a month at a time, but after each week is over, you erase it and add it to the bottom, so you always have a month of weeks. It worked very well for us. It is unavailable from Amazon for some reason.

  6. Thanks everyone!!! Great ideas!!! Tossing a few around myself, and will share how it goes, ha!

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