It’s been a perfect frown week.

Started off bad.

Hoping it ends on a higher note today!!

Started off with losing my keys. One daughter having possible kidney issues.

The middle was a massive migraine on Tuesday that almost brought me to my knees in pain a few times. 

Is currently ending with another daughter having a severe (staph?) infection in her toe.

On a good note. I finally found my keys. (but then at the same time lost the spare key…)

And kidney issues turned out okay with repeat tests.

But thought I’d share the perfect frown picture today… because it totally matches my week… and it is pretty darn hilarious.

(She was having fun “hitting” my leg very, very hard, and I had shown her how to do gentle pats… which she did about 2 times before going back to hitting. I then told her no a bit sternly, which resulted in this very pitiful face!!!! How do you discipline a child who has such incredible cuteness when they get in trouble????)

And then the perfect smile… what I’m hoping this weekend is going to be since it is a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE milestone (tomorrow…)

That is. .

Miss Annabelle’s THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!!!



  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Annabelle!

  2. Give that baby a big kiss from me and tell her HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Oh my, what a week! I guess you're glad it's over (almost).
    Annabelle is waaayyy too cute to be angry at. What a face ♥

  4. AWWWWW!!! If you figure out an effective discipline, PLEASE let me know!!! For now, we have a form of time out that works for Simon but I know it won't work forever. If he is being naughty, we put him on the floor near us. He usually makes the connection and cries about it. We do our best to ignore him until he calms down on crying and we have him either sign or say "all done" before we will pick him up again. It is heartbreaking! It is so so hard to find something for these kids, especially when their comprehension level is near impossible to determine….

  5. Hi!! I like the picture of Miss Annabelle while she crying. She is looking so cute.

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