Have you missed me??

I’ve MISSED blogging but oh-my-goodness y’all.

This month has been full of CRAZY.

Annabelle had a gtube infection, a mouth infection, and a minor case of cdiff.

Our whole family has had the stomach flu this last week.

I had my wisdom teeth.

We had one kiddo graduating from elementary school and another from middle school and another from preschool.

Add in a billion and one doctors/dentist appointments, the CHD walk, Mother’s day, a sister’s birthday, a killer migraine or two, and A NEW PUPPY—-

Mommy is running on fumes at this point!!! Writing–much less blogging– was pretty much laughable.

But here I am, popping in, because a sweet reader sent me a notice, worried about my absense and wanted to make sure all was okay! I SO appreciated that.

So this is just to say we are alive, we are (mostly) well, and we are now a family of six!

I was going to post highlight pictures from our month (PUPPY, HEART WALK, GRADUATION), but HA. Momma don’t got not time for that! (no time for good grammar there either….)

Seriously, I’ll get them on, but I’ve also had issues keeping things “charged” so I have a few on my phone, a few on my daughter’s, and a few on my husbands, so yeah. Maybe this tuesday?

We shall see.

Until then, thanks for letting me take a break, and for sticking with this lil’ ol blog. I LOVE sharing life with you all, even when I don’t have time to share as frequently as I’d like!


~ krista



  1. Glad to hear things are (mostly) well. Hang in there!

  2. Do you mean a family of 7 or did you trade someone for the puppy? Ha!

  3. Amy, yes that is what I meant! WHOOPS!!!!

    Unfortunately our puppy became very sick two days after this post. She had a virus the vet didn't feel like she would recover from, so we made the super tough choice to put her to sleep. Our family is heart broken and now a family of 6 again…

    *big sigh*

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