I think I’ve belabored the point just a bit that my weekend and my Monday were less than stellar, so I’m not going to tell you about my frustrating Tuesday.

I’m going to tell you about TERRIFIC things today.

1.) Got my second book today through Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program. Very excited it read it and post my review!

2.) I got my flu shot today. Ok, so this doesn’t sound very terrific, but it will be if I don’t get the flu! It is also terrific that my 2 eldest girls got it too, and they did a GREAT job. Karalynn said she said “Ouch” in her head. Lacy hiked up her sleeve and stuck her chin out and watched the lady poke her. She told everyone that they ‘needled’ her. They were great troopers!

3.) Um, I didn’t get in a car accident today? Come on, that’s terrific right!?!

4.) I climbed a little out of the hole today at work. I’m only behind like 95 steps vs 100…

5.) I didn’t bring my laptop home tonight. Again, a good thing? Yes! It makes sure I don’t work on work, except for checking email which I’m gonna do regardless:-)

So, there are a lot more terrific things I could note (like the fact that a bomb didn’t blow me up at work, I didn’t contract Small Pox, and I didn’t get stuck in the elevator with a big nasty smell dude) but that list is almost unending.

The point of this post is, even on not so great days, there are STILL things to praise God about! Everyone is talking recession, oh woe is me, but I’m choosing today to look at the positive side and be thankful for everything God has done for me!

So, help me out y’all! What terrific things happened to YOU today?!?



  1. Krista, this is something I always think of: when something bad happens, we say *God, where WERE you???* But when we have good things or avoid bad things, we may forget. When you’re driving and miss having an accident by a whisker, for example, maybe hasn’t God intervened? Where was He? Right there!

    Good post

  2. I love your attitude!

    Thanks for illustrating how to shake up an otherwise crummy day!



  3. Great post. It’s so easy to get stuck in the “Oh crap, what else is gonna happpen today” attitude.

    For me, Tuesday was great because,
    1. I got to go to small group.
    2. I got to help a friend by watching her kid during the day.
    3. I have a job that helps pay the bills
    4. I have a fantastic hubby who takes care of me so well.

    Even though I’m posting this on Wednesday, I’m in a better mood already for today!

  4. Thank you for your comments on my interview of Dennis Hensley. Finding so many kind words was a great thing for me today.

    This was a wonderful post and a beautiful attitude.

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