1.) Say the words “I’m bored” at least 10,000 times.
2.) The words “I don’t know” after I ask what they want to do.
3.) “My fingers are cold!” (Um… you played outside in our 1/4 inch of snow. This is what happens)
4.) “My sister’s being mean to me!” (I hear this every day… but about 10x as much on Snow days)
5.) “I’m hungry!” Ten seconds after lunch.
6.) <<>>
7.) Did I mention the words, “I’m bored!” yet?
8.) “We have no good games to play” after I ask if they want to play a game, even though we have a closet full.
9.) “Thinks stinks.” Wait… that may have been what Mommy said.
10.) “I WISH THERE WAS SCHOOL.” And this after doing every kind of “snow day” dance the day before.

I know there are so many other mother’s out there that ROCK snow days out and do such a great day at entertaining their kids.

But I am not one of them.

What does that make me?

An imperfect mother, I guess.

I guess I could always go in Pinterest and find ideas for what to do on snow days… but then my kids would add, “WHY ARE YOU ON THERE INSTEAD OF FINDING US SOMETHING TO DO.”

(And in full disclosure, at least one of my kids is doing a great job finding stuff to do. And one of them is doing a HORRIBLE job. So I guess I’m just half of an imperfect mother???)

What about you? How do you handle snow days with your kids?



  1. I don't. The rule at our house is: complain you're bored, whine for something to do- get put to work. I don't do whiny. Period. My kids just know. 🙂

    1. In my defense… you have boys. Boys on snow days, I feel, are MUCH different than girls.

      My girls went outside for a little bit and are now, to hear my house, are at deaths door.

  2. I don't have kids, but my twin sister and I never had trouble entertaining ourselves. We were always playing together. Maybe take the kids to a bookstore in preparation of a snow day and let them pick out 1 book and then save it for the snow day. A movie or cooking? Klutz has some fun activity books. Extra homework if they miss school that much…then they will probably find something to do!

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