It’s no secret that I’m a slightly picky eater. (Most people who know me would laugh at the world slightly…)

Unfortunately my penchant for being hyper-opinionated about my food has spread to my eldest daughter. I excuse this by claiming that it’s genetic and neither of us can help it.

Karalynn is at a birthday party tonight and they were going to a local Mexican place to eat. As I was leaving, a brief part of me had a sense of pity for the hostess. I’d forgotten to mention Karalynn’s peculiar taste in food.

A half hour later, I was at home, sitting on the couch, and the phone rang.

It was Olivia’s mom.

“Uh, we’re having a little trouble figuring out what to order for Karalynn.”

This is when I apologize profusely for not mentioning her weird food disorder (again, I claim genetics…)

Then she replies, “Well, they have hamburgers and chicken fingers, but she keeps saying something about a taco and cheese but I just don’t understand.”

I try to keep from laughing. I’m sure this mother is beyond frustrated to have a table full of girls and one being quite persnickety.

I go on to explain that the only taco place Karalynn has ever been is Taco Bell. When we go, she orders a cheese taco.

Emphasis on CHEESE. No meat, no lettuce, no tomato, no onion, no sauce. Just cheese. And a soft taco shell.

There was silence on the phone, then, “Well, does she usually get rice to go with it or something?”

Nope, just the taco. And if they have chips or something, she likes those too.

The lady graciously accepts this and thanks me for assisting.

I feel like a heel of a mother. I will have a LONG chat with my daughter when she gets home about etiquette when eating out with other people when mommy isn’t around to help ordering.

Anyone else have stories when your kiddos embarrassed you??? (or grandkids, nieces, babysitting charges… I know you have SOMETHING!)


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  1. I see you are undergoing a line edit as well. You’re lucky you only have to trim 10,000 words. I’ve gotta cut 35,000 and last draft I cut 36,000. And I’ve still got a few loose ends to tie up, lol.

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