Just saw ENT.

They are finished… it’ll be a little bit before we can go back and see her. They will be keeping her for at least one night.

Her tonsils and adenoids are out. They were significantly enlarged so we’re hoping this helps her breathing!

Said her throat was very irritated and there was a lot of “boogers” down in her airway, unsure if they were in her actual lungs or what, but the pulmonologist cleared that out with the bronch and sent cultures of it to ensure no bacteria or things were growing in her lungs. Unsure of the other results of the bronch, assuming pulmonology will follow up with us about that later today. I forgot to ask about that… I was so focused on hearing the, “She did fine” part of the doctor’s speach.

Tubes went in her ears fine, said they drained a BUNCH of fluid so I’m hopeful this will help her hearing significantly too. And with that, my prayer is that her communication development will be able to start taking better form as well.

They didn’t do the sedated hearing test. Evidently they scheduled the surgery before they decided to do the hearing test, and they couldn’t schedule it at the same time (just forgot to inform Mommy about this.) We’ll do a regular hearing test when we come back to clinic, and pursue a sedated one later if we still feel it is necessary.

Anxious to go see my baby!!! She is going to be one UNHAPPY camper!!!



  1. So glad surgery was a success. I know that even though this was a minor surgery compared to the surgeries that Annabelle has been through in the past, it was not easy for mom. Please let us know if we can do anything for you guys Krista.

  2. SO glad it went well. She'll be grouchy for a bit, but she's going to feel lots better when all the scrapings heal.

  3. Glad it was a success. I'll keep praying.

  4. So glad everything went well!

  5. Yay! I'm thankful all went well!

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