Today is the day I’ve been dreading.

Surgery day.

I know it is a minor surgery compared to all of her others.

Let’s see, at 6 days old, she had her Norwood open-heart at 6 days old. (#1)

Less than 2 days later, she was opened back up and put on ECMO, then chest closed a week later. (#2)

At 3 months old, she was to have her Glenn open-heart, but it failed, so they did some valve repair and gave her a new kind of shunt. (#3)

At 4 months old, she had her Nissen and Gtube. (#4)

At 8 months old, she had her Heart Transplant. (#5)

At 9 months old, she had her diaphragm placation. (#6)

At 10 months old, she had her emergency heart surgery to move her LPA so her heart would stop failing. (#7)

And now, #8 will be saying bye-bye to her tonsils, adenoids, fluid in her ears via tubes, and checking up on those wonderful bronchial tubes.

(This doesn’t count her 4 heart cath’s she’s had, which some count as surgery as well, as well as a few GI scopes thrown in there for good measure.)

So yeah, a tonsillectomy is nothing compared to all of that. I KNOW that. And I know all of this should help her in the long run.

But she’s still my daughter. I hate knowing that she’ll be going through more pain.

I covet your prayers for our Annabelle this morning. I’ll update later today as to how everything went.



  1. Definitely praying! Keep us updated!

  2. We will. E praying for her today 🙂

  3. Praying for Annabelle and you (3:00 am, yuk)

  4. Dear God,

    Protect Annabelle as she goes into surgery. Give her doctors the wisdom that they need. Give peace and energy to Krista and Scott as they wait the results. You have brought this little girl so far. and like Krista said, this is a minor surgery compared to all of her others but we still ask that you would be with her today and even give Annabelle peace during the surgery. Help her to recover quickly with minimal pain so that she can right back up on her feet and enjoy the rest of her summer.

    In Jesus name,

  5. praying for her. my daughter just had her tonsils and adnoids out. not fun at all

  6. Prayers for Annabelle!!

  7. All surgery is serious, especially for the kids. You're right to be lifting her up and loving her through it.

  8. Praying for you and her, Krista!

  9. Praying for you and your family Krista. Hope you are snuggling with her already by this time of the day!

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