Poor Annabelle is not feeling well!!

She’s been “snotty” for over a month now, but it hadn’t really affected her until the last few days. She’s throwing up with almost every feed, is really congested, and wakes up with her poor baby girl eyes all crusted shut.

She is not lovin’ it, and neither is Momma!!

Please pray that she can kick this bug SOON. As you know, she has a very suppressed immune system due to the drugs she is on to keep her body from rejecting her heart, so getting over something simple like a cold is anything BUT simple for my baby.

And her weight is getting to be a huge concern, especially with her vomiting so much. She lost weight a little today, and hasn’t gained ANYTHING since October. She is still okay percentage wise, but the doctor is concerned, as am I, that if she doesn’t start gaining soon it will affect her health.

Good news though: Her heart still looks good, her labs look decent from what I could tell tonight (the doctor will call with official results tomorrow) and we had a fabulous Christmas at HOME! Pictures of the Phillips’ family Christmas to come later this week when I get a little bit of time…

In other news: She has tooth #2! A MOLAR!!! Yes, my little baby has one bottom tooth and one molar! What a smile that is (although smiles are hard to come by at the moment for obvious reasons!)

Thank you all for prayers! We really appreciate them!



  1. Prayers for Annabelle and your family. Look forward to the holiday pix.

  2. Lifted you and your little princess in prayer. I hope she gets well soon.

  3. Praying for your sweet girl! Hopefully she starts packing on some weight soon and gives up on that vomiting! So glad to hear her heart looks good! 🙂

    Finding that 2nd tooth being a molar a bit comical… she loves to do things HER way, doesn't she? Precious little lady!

    Heart hugs!

    Mom to Chase, HLHS, 2 years old

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