Beach trip 2013… I really wanna go back. Like, seriously contemplating driving 7 hours just to put my feet in the sand for an hour then driving home. That’s how bad my want is!! Next year… maybe next year!!

I have been so excited about this whole schedule thing.

But summer has KILLED it.

Like, left my schedule rotting for dead. (when I miss blogging for a whole week, unannounced, that’s a pretty good sign of its failure!)

BOO for that.

I’m coming to the realization that a daily NORMAL schedule during the summer is not possible. There are just too many variables. Weather, for one. Then kids moods, possible groundings, various activities for various kids at various times.

It just doesn’t work.

My new thought is to have an improvised schedule on a daily/weekly basis. On sunday, I do a rough “here is how my week is going to go based on what I know now” kinda thing.

And each day, I do a little more detailed version.

Most of this is done in my head, although we also use the app because it allows me to schedule the WHOLE family, and everyone have access to see what is going on. (I used to keep a calendar on the wall, still try to… but Wednesday rolls around and half the time I haven’t updated it and yeah, that is no good either.)

#confession: I am REALLY looking forward to school starting in August. I know, I know. HORRIBLE Mom alert. I see all these other moms posting about how super happy they are to have the summer to bond with their children and spend enormous amounts of time together, and crazy ol’ me is trying to decide how to keep from pulling my hair out for the next two months.

(And yes, I know hashtags don’t work in blogs.)

That said, we’re making the most of it. I have a few fun things planned, and 3 of the 4 kids are going to grandma’s house for two weeks. (Someday… someday Annabelle will be “well” and old enough to go, too. I SOOOOOooooo look forward to that day!!)

Let’s chat—

Anyone else have a summer confession? I suppose I’m probably the only momma who gets through summer only via copious amounts of chocolate, Dr. Pepper and prayer….


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  1. Pinterest has LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of easy super cheap fun activities for the kids to do during the summer. I myself like them being in school because we have a schedule to where as in the summer it can get a little crazy. I have learned to choose my battles and just roll with the bunches. What doesn't get done today will be there tomorrow or the next day. Don't sweat the small stuff. This was not easy at first but you have to keep reminding yourself you are human and a mom and us moms can only do so much. GOOD LUCK!!!! You got this.

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