It’s been a week, y’all.

Have you ever had one where you said, come about Wednesday or Thursday, “WOW… not much else could go haywire this week.” then more just heaped on you and you’re bewildered?

Welcome to my week!

I won’t go into details, because most of it was not about me but about those I love very dearly, but your prayers for my somewhat “unspoken” prayer requests are greatly appreciated.

I even took an impromptu vacation day on Wednesday after I went to bed the night before with a kickin’ stress headache and forgot to set my alarm, so slept in until the time I was supposed to leave for work. I think Jesus knew I needed sleep and rest.

I also had a baby appt that day too, where we were SUPPOSED to confirm little love’s gender, to make sure she really is a “she.” But did little love cooperate for Mommy so I could have one bright, shining moment of the week? Oh, of COURSE not. She looked a little something like this:

Yep, baby kept those legs and thighs perfectly crossed the WHOLE time. She wiggled… but wouldn’t move. Mommy put her in a time out (but let her know at age 16… crossing her legs permanently is perfectly fine!)

Here’s a few pics… one of her crossed FEET and one of her alien head (I’m sorry… but the face of a baby in the womb just is hilarious!) You can also see her cute little arms in the head shot. They couldn’t get a profile because of her stubbornness… we’ll probably have to go back in 2 to 4 weeks for a recheck because they couldn’t get a good picture of her heart either.

Discussion: Okay, I know this wasn’t a riveting post… but it’s been a long week and I was sorely tempted to skip today anyway. *yawn* I think it’s a Hardee’s sausage biscuit kinda morning! (the baby thinks so too… I shouldn’t reward her but… I’m a pushover, what can I say!)

So… how was your week? Any huge plans for the weekend? Any prayer requests I can pray with you about??



  1. Okay… I just realized that was a HORRIBLE downer of a post. I didn't mean to be all depressing!

    My weekend plans: GARAGE SALING! Gonna assume this little one is a girl (my little brother's wife is prego with a girl too… if it ends up being different, well, then presents to them! ha!)

    It's supposed to be BEAUTIFUL out today and tomorrow… PERFECT garagesaling weather:-)

  2. I've had those weeks! Thankfully, it's Friday!

    Prayer request: my proposal's going to pub board mid april. I'm nervous and need all the prayers I can get. 🙂

  3. Krista, Not every day is perfect. Not every moment is happy. It's great to be positive. But it's also OK to wallow in a little bit of grumpy every once in a while. And after the week you've had, you most certainly deserve a great big 'ole wallow! So get your Hardee's biscuit & enjoy a little bit of "me" time. Then you'll be able to move on, refreshed and able to praise God for the good stuff! Remember, even Jesus grumbled sometimes…

  4. I love Hardee's Steak biscuits and Biscuits and Gravy. Whenever I go back to visit in Tennessee I'm at Hardee's almost every morning. Out here in L.A. I wish Carl's Jr. (which now owns Hardee's) would get smart and add the Hardee's Breakfast fare to it's menu instead of burritos and weird breakfast burgers.

  5. I didn't think the post was a downer. I love hearing about baby stuff–even when it isn't all peaches and cream. Best of luck, and may the weekend bring you rest and refreshment.

  6. I hope you enjoy the weekend and that things start looking up.

    We're going to pick up our one and only from her college today and get to have her home for the week of her spring break. We have some fun mom-daughter outings planned.

  7. hmmmm … I have a busy busy weekend coming up!! Tomorrow I'm doing a photo shoot for a friends 1 yr. old – too fun. Then Sunday is Chloe's baby dedication at church and a family "picnic" (in the sleet) afterwards! 🙂

  8. My week was kind of so-so. I was stuck at home for most of it due to my husband's car being in the shop and him taking my wheels to get to work and back. I feel like I didn't get much done…probably because I didn't! 🙂

    Hope next week is more productive.

  9. Ah Krista! Sorry you had such a bummer of a week. I've been there too. Usually after those kinds of weeks you need to rent a really funny movie, get pizza, and buy a couple of new books. That always seems to do the trick for me. 😉

  10. Have had an interesting week too, so will focus on how God is good all the time:)

    Planning on cleaning and organizing the desk this weekend. That is, if I can find the desk…

    Blessings to you and your readers.
    Happy weekend,

  11. Hi Krista –

    I saw my first Tag Sale sign the other day. They're having it Saturday, so you know where I'll be. 🙂

    My Writers Group is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Yay! Cake and Critiquing!

    Hope you're feeling better.


  12. It wasn't a downer. Some weeks are crazy like that! My first child wouldn't cooperate either. The nurse said, "Think pink, but keep the receipt!"

  13. Hugs, KP. Just hugs. 🙂

  14. NO, i LOVED this post, girl! LOVED the pix of the crossed legs. You are a genius to think of that!!!

    My weekend was fabulous: at the farm of Best Friend. You can read about it on the blog!!!

    Is that a hook? Sigh. Probably not, but hope to see you anyway!!!

    P.S. Maybe your little one will "show herself" next time!

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