Annabelle is still puking. We were averaging once a day (she gets 6 feeds a day… so five of them she was fine.) But she threw up at her 2PM feed, 6PM feed, 10PM feed, and 2AM feed over the last day. She isn’t throwing up all of her volume, but it is still concerning to me. We have a clinic visit anyway at noon, so will be discussing with them to see if there is anything we can do differently. A few of you have sent me suggestions, THANK YOU!!!! I will be discussing them with the doctor!

A busy week again. I have to go to the hospital early and meet with a guy about financial/insurance stuff. Please pray for God’s favor so I can stop worrying about a few certain things! I know, I need to not worry anyway. This whole “unemployed” thing is NOT something I’ve really had to worry about in the past, not for more than a month or so anyway.

Then we have clinic visit, then I have a meeting at the school tonight for Gabriella to find out who her teacher will be! She’ll then go to school two days this week, then start full-time next week. She is a little nervous, but excited!

She did her kindergarten assessment last week. It was SO cute. She came out and I asked how she did, and she said good. I asked her what they asked her and she said, “Just my numbers and shapes and letters. Mommy, i whispered the answers to them.” I can TOTALLY see her doing that too!!! She said she knew them all, my little smarty-pants:-)

Then Annabelle has her first PT appointment on Thursday! I’m REALLY excited about that!!!

And to round out the week, my sister and I have planned a big garage sale on Saturday! WOOHOO! I have a TON of stuff from Annabelle’s first year that she either never was able to use since she was in the hospital, or used very little, on top of cleaning out stuff to make room for her, so my garage is overflowing!

Unsure of when I will have the time this week to get it all together, but that is the current plan. Wish us luck!

OH, other fun news. Scott took the kiddos out yesterday, so Annabelle and I had some time “alone” in the house. Since it was Sunday, I made myself NOT do all the cleaning and things around the house that NEEDED to be done. Instead. I sat down with my computer and let myself write. I did a TON of editing, and wrote over 1300 NEW words on my current work-in-progress. (When finished, this will be me my 3rd book I’ve written.) I am SO SO SO  excited! While I USED to get  2k+ words in a day EASY (and sometimes >5k) I’ve not had a great muse lately, and not great time either, so this was a big accomplishment to me. Since I officially have an agent for my books now, I’m REALLY viewing my writing as a “job” instead of something I do in my spare time now. So once kiddos are ALL back in school, this is something I”m going to “schedule” into my day as well.

THANK YOU all for your prayers! If you could please keep us in them today as we try to figure out this puking and for my meeting this morning, I would REALLY appreciate it!!!



  1. Krista,I am remembering you and your family in prayer continually. From a fellow mother/writer who understands what it's like to live in and out of hospitals, I'm praying for God's upgirding and and supernatural strength for you…

  2. I will be praying for you and your family.

  3. Praying for an end to the vomiting. And so excited for you that you were able to do some writng and that you have an agent. That is awesome news!

  4. Krista,
    I will definitely be praying for you and the doctors to find a remedy for Annabelle's puking. Also, I'm excited to hear you were able to get some writing completed.

  5. I can't imagine writing a novel on top of caring for Annabelle and your other three daughters, so kudos to you! That's very exciting that you have an agent. Do treat it like a job. Bonnie Grove (one of my favourite writers) wrote her first novel when she was jobless in a new city. And I'm working at being a writer so that I can stay at home with my girls (though juggling writing and motherhood when they are both at home is tricky at times – right now, I'm working on my new Netbook and I'm super excited about being able to work while watching them play in the park or wherever they want to be). 🙂

  6. Goodness, you have just a wee bit going on in your life, don't you, Krista? 🙂

    I hope you got some answers at your clinic today…and I'll keep praying in the meantime.

    Oh, and hooray for the big word count!

  7. Sorry to hear about Annabelle's latest but good to hear all your other news. Still praying for you all.

  8. Dear Krista,
    Darn it! Please Lord, a break for your faithful servants Krista, Annabelle and her family.

    Sending more angels to comfort and surround all of you.. Did you hear the rush of angles wings??

    Praying without ceasing, Deep breath in, slowly release, again, praying without ceasing.

    Love from Iowa,

    ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^ ^j^

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