Yeah. I love words, but there isn’t really adequate words to describe how I’m feeling today.

Including Facebook comments, well over 100 people send Happy Birthday wishes to Annabelle! THANK YOU!!! I’m so excited to read these to her… maybe next year she’ll be able to understand the impact of it a little when I read them to her??

I counted, and her birthday wishes came from 32 states and 4 countries! Knowing how far and wide prayers and praises are being sent up for my little girl… I could never express just how much it means to me and my whole family. I truly believe there is POWER in prayer and… yeah. Just thank you. So much.

Over the weekend, we traveled to NC to celebrate Annabelle’s birthday with my husband’s family. And WOW! Did they ever show up!!! Over 50 people came to a cookout/party my in-laws through for Annabelle!

While many blessed her with monetary gifts (her bank account/college fund thanks those who gave!!) they also brought, in lieu of gifts, presents to go to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for Project: Annabelle’s Birthday Blessings! I fought off tears at their kind thoughts and willingness to share in making a heart-warrior’s day just a little brighter… and softer! You all are just AMAZING!!!

And speaking of, THANK YOU to all those who have emailed, saying you want to take part in Project: Annabelle’s Birthday Blessings! Coming into this, we had zero idea what to expect or anticipate. So we’re so thankful for those who feel led to participate! Packages are starting to arrive!!! (Reminder, we’re hoping to get any donations by Friday, August 3rd, so if you still want to participate, there’s plenty of time!)

Now, gotta go “recoup” from our mini-vacation. Lots of unpacking to do! And Momma plans on going to bed EARLY tonight!!! *yawn* Vacations are FUN… but when you have 4 kids… not very relaxing! 🙂

Some fun pictures of our vacation will be posted on Wednesday.. including Annabelle’s FIRST TIME trying out a hotel swimming pool (that was… interesting. HA HA! You’ll have to see the pictures….)



  1. Krista, love this post! I'm glad your vacation went well, and it's so sweet to hear how many people reached out to wish your little sweetheart a happy birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Annabelle from Illinois!! So glad she was able to celebrate her second birthday, and I'm wishing many, many more to come!!

  3. My daughter Courtney was invited to party in NC but we were at the beach..sorry we missed it.Karalynn spent the night with us last summer. They met at VBS the yr b4.

  4. Just think, Krista, there are probably a lot more who read and didn't post (for whatever reason) but are still thinking of and praying for Annabelle! What a blessing. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time with family celebrating God's miracle of Annabelle this weekend.

  5. Wow, that's awesome! Happy birthday to your sweet girlie. 🙂

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