Have you ever heard the perfect song at the perfect moment? You are driving down the road, angst on your heart, something just not right, and BOOM. A song starts playing on the radio. It’s THE song. You start crying or your jaw hangs open. Ok, this is me I am talking about. I fully realize I may be strange, and the only one this happens to.

We all have our favorite songs and type of music. I personally could care less for most secular music. There are a few that are catchy and I like to sing along to, but I just lack the desire to listen most of the time. I do have a penchant for country music though, one that I am slowly weaning myself from.

Songs are a lot like books I think. I mean, you write them, right? They have lyrics, words, and many times tell a story (like fiction) or address an issue or problem, or just encourage (like non-fiction).

I am not a musical person. I would love to be, but it is just not one of my gifts. I have married into a very musical family though, and have learned a great deal.

So, this week I am going to do a tribute to my musical family on my blog. Each day I am going to feature a song. I won’t actually like post it on my blog, I am dumb and have NO idea copyright stuff, but I want to focus on the message of the song and how God has used it to teach me something.

If you think this is dumb, well, sorry: -) You can come back next week when I am back to regular fiction writing stuff.

Song #1: (this is in no particular favorite order…)

Open Arms by Michael W Smith

WOW! I think every church needs to play this song next Sunday. It talks about the church being “Open Arms”. The chorus goes, “Where’s the love, that knows no boundaries…”

Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think as a church we should accept sinful behavior, and practice “tolerance”. But I do think we should practice loving each other. Jesus loves and forgives, and requires us to as well. The church today is sorely in need of a little loving. We cast darts at each other, and at those outside the church, in other denominations, and so on. We need to get back to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is showing people God’s love.

The Gospel isn’t about condemnation and hatred. It isn’t about rules and regulations. Rules are needed, but they aren’t our core. Condemnation is needed, but it’s God job not ours.

So, go out and love on someone today:-)

**picture note**

This is my Gabriella!! I figured I already had Lacy’s picture with her arms wide open at the top of my blog, I would include a Gabby picture this time!!