Do wa ditty, ditty dum, ditty do, singing…

Okay, Okay, fine. I’ll stop.

And no, that is not my next song that I will highlight. I just wanted a funny introduction that made you smile instead of just, “And for the next song that has impacted my life…”

I actually really did have that typed then erased it. I can’t be that dull on my blog. It would be criminal.

Ok, putting on my slightly serious face.

Yeah, that didn’t work. You’ll have to bear with silly me.

Leeland is awesome. They sang at our church numerous times and WOW. Just an awesome group of guys (I did not meet them, just listened. I am a slight wallflower at church… er, would that be pewflower? Whatever…)

So, my song submission today is “Carried to the Table.”

I have struggled with self-esteem issues all my life. As a child, I had vision issues so had the BIGGEST glasses you have ever seen. This wasn’t bad enough, I also was in need of braces due to VERY large gap between my front two teeth. Added to this was a weight gain in my Jr. High years, and I felt very low about myself. I know our looks don’t make us who we are, but don’t tell that to a teenage girl with two beautiful older sisters.

I think this was just the start of my esteem issues. I won’t go into it all, but I struggle with it till this day. Why am I worthy of God? Why in the world would God want ME? I am just this ugly girl who, yeah, makes good grades in school, but that is about it. When we talk down to ourselves like this, wow, it just has a horrible impact.

So this song has a huge impact on me. It talks about Mephibosheth in the Bible, King Saul’s Grandson (Jonathon’s Son), the last remaining of his lineage. When King David regained the throne, he asked if any of King Saul’s family remained, and Mephibosheth was brought to him.

Meph (I’ll call him for short) assumed he was done for. He was a cripple, his nanny had dropped him when they were fleeing the castle after King Saul was defeated (I should be checking my facts, but this is a good time for you to get your bible and read the story yourself!). Anyway, Meph just knew that King David was going to order him beheaded or tortured or something.

But instead, King David embraced him as family and invited him to the King’s table. Even though he was broken, alone, forgotten, he was worthless to most people, and he was the son of David’s enemy, David still loved him and allowed him to sit at a seat of honor.

Jesus does the same for us. Even though we are lowly and broken, even though we are unworthy to sit at the King’s table, Jesus has MADE us worthy. It doesn’t matter what we look like, what others think of us, or what we have done, we have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus and are worthy to eat with the King of Kings.

For fun, I am going to attempt to post my first youtube video of Leeland singing this song. I pretty much cry every time I hear it. If you haven’t already, go buy this CD (and go see them in concert!) ! It is absolutely amazing! (Note, the picture at the top depicts their newest CD… I have not listened to it yet, but can pretty much bet it rocks…



  1. Yes! Another Leeland fan! I bought the Sound of Melodies cd earlier this year, and I love it. “Carried to the Table” is a great song, though I like “Can’t Stop” better when I’m writing.

    I haven’t gotten their new cd yet, but I’ve heard some of the songs via radio, and it sounds amazing!

  2. Thanks Gracie! Yeah, Leeland pretty much rocks:-) I have their first CD as well and look forward to getting #2! Skillet is another one of my favorites…. hmmm, I might just have to pick a skillet song to be today’s post!! hehe!

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