It’s been 2 weeks now since cold/bronchitis/crud hit our family.

Most everyone is better. A few sniffles or coughs off and on, but nothing horrific.

But poor Annabelle is still oh-so-stuffed up. And what’s worse, her personality is starting to rival her nose in how snotty she is! She’s quite an opinionated little girl!

“Sucking” out her nose with the nasal aspirator is just pretty comical. It shouldn’t be. It should break my heart to put her through that. But I usually have to bite back my laughter. I think it’s because I had to suck out her
nose/mouth a lot at the hospital, so I’m totally used to the process and
know she’ll get over it about 10 seconds after I finish. She just screams then gives me this look that says, “If you stick that dadgum thing down my nose one more time, Momma… I’ll…. I’ll… POOP on you!”

And she’s doing that quite a bit too. But I’ll spare you the runny details…

She’s a rolling and sitting up pro now! It is SO SO fun to see her progress just in the past month. It makes tube feeds NOT FUN though. How do you keep an almost mobile 15 month old tethered to a feeding pump for an HOUR straight?

This girl REALLY needs to learn to eat, STAT.

And to that end, feeding by mouth is a complete standstill. While before I could get a jar or two down her (she wasn’t pleased about it, but we did it) since she’s been sick, I’m luck to get one or two bites. I’m not sure if this is just her refusing for the heck of it, or if she’s just so stuffy that it’s all that harder to eat.

We have been trying to “drink” via a 10cc syringe though. While she doesn’t like it (especially with formula) she tolerates mildly it when I put water in it. I think it feels good to her mouth.

Clinic visit will be today, first one in 2 weeks! We actually made it TWO WHOLE WEEKS between visits!!! WOOHOO!!! And we have feeding therapy today too, our first official one, so that will be interesting too.

Oh, and we got to go to clinic on Thursday… but NOT for Annabelle. Miss Anna Reese, Annabelle’s heart BFF, was there for a check-up, and Annabelle and I were in town, so we went and saw them for a few minutes between appointments! (Anna Reese lives in Mississippi so we don’t to see her or her oh-so-wonderful Momma Melissa often…) Anyway, it was just for a few minutes, but we LOVED getting to see them again and giving Anna Reese a belated birthday present!


Lost my keys, so we missed feeding therapy:-(

But made it to clinic, and that was mostly good. Her ECHO and EKG were great.

But her BP was too high, so we are going up on the dose of one of her blood pressure medicines (she is on two..) It may be that she was just outgrowing her dose.

AND… the HUGE news… is that we were able to get rid of a few meds, FINALLY!

We were on 20 meds when we came home… we have been down to 13, but that is still A LOT!

But we got rid of 2 more today, and get to stop 3rd one next monday. So we will be down to 10!!!! Mommy is SO SO SO excited!!!



  1. Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Will pray for continued healing and for your clinic and feeding therapy visits to go well.

  2. Krista,
    My family and I still praying for your family daily.
    I meant to ask you…did you ever try these mesh things that can hold soft fruit? Maybe she would like holding those.
    Let me know if you know what I mean. I can't come up with the name…lol
    In Jesus,

  3. Aw, what a sweet picture of the heart friends.

  4. Verena, I have tried the mesh things. She throws them on the floor immediately, just like the little teething biscuits or other toddler finger foods, not to mention her sippy cups that reach the ground in record time.


    We REALLY need that feeding therapy… dad gum stupid keys…

  5. Rejoicing in your good news. Love the pic! Still praying. 🙂

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