Oh how I wish I had a picture of it.

My sister and I were in my dining room, planning my other sister’s baby shower.

Jami looked down and said, “Uh, Krista?”

I followed her gaze, and there was Annabelle.

Laying on the floor.

Guzzling water from her sippy-cup.

She wasn’t sucking on it, but we have the flow valve taken out so when she tips it, water comes out. And since she was laying down, it was pouring out, and she was gulping trying to keep up with it.

I just about cried.

Now, I must confess at this moment, the only reason she had the sippy cup is that she’d crawled past us into the kitchen (I thought she was playing with toys in my eye view in the living room, however evidently was a wee bit too engrossed in baby shower plans…)

And my other confession is that the cup was most likely FAR from clean. It was from earlier that day when she was in her high chair, chewing on the cup as normal, and had thrown it on the floor. Mommy evidently forgot to retrieve it, and so Annabelle did the job for me.

So, my crappiest-mother-of-the-year moments aside, this was a REAL feeding therapy win.

Another win/worst-mother move: Today, I dipped her binky in apple jacks crumbs from her highchair tray and put said binky in her mouth.

In the past, she’s immediately thrown a hissyfit.

Today, she sucked that binky with a look of thoughtfulness on her face.

Apple Jacks = Slap on Momma’s hand
Eating crumbs off binky = redemption!

Have I mentioned how NOT GOOD I am at feeding therapy? Out of all her therapies, it is my hardest one to handle/grasp/implement. It just frustrates me SO SO SO much that I just want to scream.

And screaming is pretty much counter-productive to feeding therapy…

Part of this I blame on my eldest daughter. She was/is the pickiest eater you have EVER SEEN. Now, I say this, and know that *I* am probably one of the pickiest ADULT eaters you’ve ever seen. But my daughter would scream at simple things put in front of her such as eggs and pretty much any vegetable beside green beans and corn and any meat besides hotdogs or McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

Even as a baby, she would refuse many/most baby foods. We’re talking hours of screaming in a high chair while Mommy determined not to let my daughter win the battle.

Um. She won.

So, going to feeding therapy now with Annabelle has made me realize that I probably went about it COMPLETELY wrong with Karalynn. And now she’s 11, and we still have wars over dinner. *big sigh* I want to do better with Annabelle. I HAVE to do better with Annabelle.

It’s just probably the most tiring, exhausting, frustrating thing that I do. Well, maybe besides trying to keep my pour house clean.

But, that’s a wwwhhhoolllleeee other blog post!

Discussion: What’s your least favorite “chore” or task you must accomplish daily?



  1. Krista, seriously, you rock as a mother. Apple Jacks crumbs are better than, say, chocolate cake crumbs. YAY YAY YAY for Ahbeh chugging sippy cup water. And, um, confession time… Simon found a day-old sippy cup that he had thrown somewhere and took a drink of it. No, it didn't have water in it. It had MILK! Clabbered gross milk, and my baby took a drink. So, no, *I* win Worst Mother of the Year (Decade) award. *insert eyeroll and heavy sigh here*

    While I was reading about Karalynn, I was seriously thinking, "Um, Krista? Where do you think she got her pickiness!?!" LOL!!! 'Cause for anybody reading this comment, Krista is totally the pickiest adult you'll ever meet. 🙂 HAHAHA!!! And Jackson is pickier than Karalynn. He won't eat green beans or corn even besides all the other things he won't eat. He used to until my mother-in-law ruined him. (And THAT is a whole 'nother blog post! Ugh!)

    My least favorite task I have to accomplish… Hmmm… Pretty much everything! LOL! Cleaning, definitely, because I'm not good at it. Eating right, because I'm not good at it. Keeping up with my homework, because I'm not good at that either. See a pattern here? 🙂 So I'm sitting here feeling pretty convicted as I stare at my dirty house and know that I have tons of homework that needs doing. I have not, however, eaten badly today. (I just haven't eaten at all yet….)

    I love you, KP! Have a good day! YOU ROCK!!!

  2. Least favorite chore? Hmmmmm. . .like Valerie said, just about everything. However, if I really had to narrow it down, I would have to say cooking food. I have two picky eaters in my house as well (dear hubby and son, although my son is less picky!)Cooking is boring because trying new things is pretty much out of the question unless I can incorporate the same things they like!

  3. Yay for those successes. Take them where they come, I say, and ignore those guilt-inducing thoughts. You're doing an awesome job with your princess.

  4. Least favorite chore? Maybe unloading the dishwasher. (Don't mind loading it.) Or putting laundry away. (Don't mind folding it.) I know…totally weird on both fronts. I guess I should be thankful that I have a dishwasher to unload and don't have to do dishes in the sink.

    My bad Mommy moment this week? Last night I was cleaning up the kitchen after supper and I had scraped some scraps off of my plate into the trash can. Looked over just in time to see my almost-2-year-old son taking food out of the trash can and eating it. Awesome.

  5. Flossie, I TOTALLY have the same least favorites as you! If you're totally weird, I am too! 🙂

  6. Well, now you know that dirty sippy cups work!! ; )
    My least favorite chore is cleaning up after dinner! I fully plan on making my kids do it when they are old enough to not break the glass dishes….

  7. YAY for drinking out of a sippy cup! That is totally awesome! And, who cares if she picked the cup up off the floor? I have 5 kids, and I'm convinced that they have to eat a certain amount of dirt in their lives in order to grow up normal!

    And, don't beat yourself up about feeding therapy. It's hard. I used to be a special ed. teacher, and feeding therapy was a part of my day. Actually, since I worked with preschoolers, I spent the better part of my day potty training other people's multi-handicapped preschoolers, and teaching them how to eat solid food. When my first child came along……who had no special needs…….I figured that I was the most prepared mom around. Forget that! She wasn't toilet trained until she was over 3 years old!

    I discovered something once I became a mom. It's one thing to do something in a totally controlled setting…..like feeding therapy. It's quite another to do it in the unstructured world that Mom's live in. When you go in to work with a therapist for feeding therapy, that's all you're doing………nothing more. But, at home, you're juggling other children, homework, housework, making dinner, meds…………the list goes on and on. So, don't beat yourself up. She will eventually get this. And, just like my daughter……when she's 22, so one will care how old she was when she finally figured it out!

    What do I dislike doing?????? Cleaning my kitchen after dinner, and putting away laundry. Not sure why, but I like "doing" laundry, but hate putting it away!

  8. I soooo feel you pain. I have a son with SPD (sensory processing disorder) and we seen two occupational therapists and now a behavioral psychologist. Good Luck! You are in my prayers.

    If you would like to read my saga…

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