This is my formal, written out prayer to God… make that PLEA to God… to make Gabriella sleep tonight.

For the last week, I’ve gotten very very little ZZzz’s in. My daughter (age two and a half YEARS) has decided that she doesn’t need sleep. Or so it seems.

The child slept through the night at age 2 months and has been my TREMENDOUSLY good sleeper ever since. Well, it’s all coming back to haunt me now. For the last week, there has only been ONE, count it ONE, night that she has slept all the way through, and even then she woke up at 5 a.m.

Not sure what the problem is. I think it’s a combination of her newly potty trained abilities (she gets up to go ‘potty’ about ten times a night and only actually goes maybe twice) and the fact that with the turn of the weather to cold, her eczema is flaring up so she itches.

I understand these issues right now, but not so much when she SCREAMS every half hour or so, only for me to come in and be told, “I have to go potty.” The bathroom is right down the hall. She knows how to use it!. Or, as in the last week, she’ll pick her favorite two hours and do it once every fifteen minutes or so, just frequently enough that its usually right when I’m starting to fall back asleep.

Oh, and this is on top of the “I’m hungry” (she’s told no) “I’m thirsty” (I’m not cruel, I do get her a drink) “I’m cold” (I cover her up) “Bunny is cold” (I cover bunny up while I try not to scream, although at one very low point I did… please don’t report me!)

The last two nights I’ve given in to something I DO NOT DO. The first night, it was four in the morning, and I’d had seriously less than an hours sleep. I bribed her with a movie. It worked.

Last night, she wised up to me, because she asked to watch a movie about my fourth trip into her room. I was so exhausted I said fine.

And now, Monday is looming. I NEED SLEEP, I tell you. And just so you don’t think my hubby is being lax, he does get up with her too, but when it gets really late, he’s a very hard sleeper and I fear for her health if he tries to get up with her when he isn’t quite awake:-)

So, please, send an extra prayer up to the good Lord tonight that my daughter will sleep. That this crazy phase will end quickly and I can get back to my much needed 8 hours a night. Otherwise you’re in for some very cranky blog posts in the near future.

Oh, and anyone that has tips, bring them on. I’m open to pretty much anything right about now. Besides a mussell. Tempting as that might be. (just kidding!)



  1. Hope she has a quiet night tonight!

  2. Thanks Amy:-) She had a better night last night, thank God! Only woke up once at 4 a.m. and went right back to sleep after I tucked her back in. I hope we’re turning a corner!

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