Let me first say that I know politics is a touchy subject.

But good night, the state of our country at this hour just beckons for a post.

As I type, you may be watching the presidential debates.

Or you are purposely keeping your TV off so you don’t have to watch the debates.

Or you popped in the movie, “What happens in Vegas…” to keep your mind off our economic woes.

We are hearing a heap full of rhetoric on the TV, on the radio, from friends, family and co-workers about the “700 Billion dollar bailout”.

I’d love to have a little vote here. All in favor for the 700 billion dollar bailout, please comment so.

All not in favor, comment your opinion too. (Seriously, please do. I won’t judge you one way or the other, I’m a pretty understanding gal!)

Because, even though I know I run in a more “republican” circle, I’ve yet to hear any one say they supported this confangled plan.

Except of course the Senators that back it and the President. (Loved Nancy P’s note about understanding that the American people aren’t in support of this but she’s doing it anyway… well, WOMAN, the last time I heard our government was supposed to be of the people, by the people, and for the people… )

I understand that we are in scary economic times. I don’t know the ins and outs, but I DO know what got us into the mess.

You can stop gasping now. I’m not saying I’m Miss Genius and can solve our countries problems.

But it’s pretty much common sense. WE SPENT TOO MUCH.


Banks got greedy and now want a hand out.

What’s the old say, something about offering a hand UP instead of a hand OUT?

I think that’s the difference in the two main solutions being presented. One, of course, is the infamous bailout (aka hand OUT… here ya go, 700 billion dollars… have fun with our money!).

The other is more of an insurance against bad debt, which, not getting into the technicalities basically makes the ‘bad debt’ worth more because it is insured (or something like that… I like math but am not an economist…). Anyway, this is a way to offer the idiot stupid banks who got themselves into this MESS a hand UP and save our rear ends without forking over 700 billion dollars.

The other thing that is peeving me (sorry I’m on a roll…) is this whole “wall street” vs. “main street” crap.

I hate to burst your bubble, but if any one of you has money in a 401k or 403b, YOU ARE WALL STREET! Yep, that’s right. You are. I don’t care if your lower, middle, upper, downer or outer class.

And another thing, I am highly irritated at blaming “Wall street” for the whole shebang. I think “Main Street” needs to grab a big ole honkin mirror and stare in it long and hard.

Banks gave stupid bad loans. But what ever happened to personal responsibility? I’ve never once heard of a bank tying a person down and forcing them to sign high interest mortgage papers when they couldn’t afford it. Our own greed got us into this mess too.

Stupidity doesn’t deserve a reward.

Now, I say this in all loving honesty, and pointing the finger at myeslf. I’ve been pretty dumb in some of my financial decisions in the past, but I’ve also NEVER asked the government to bail me out. I took responsibility, buckled down, and fixed it.

I realize people have lost jobs, I realize the economy isn’t the greatest. But instead of blaming everyone else, I think all Americans need to buck up, take responsibility, tighten our belts and fix it.

Am I simplifying the problem? Yes. But at least it’s better than complicating it.

One last note and I’ll finish my rant.

I have tons of “Krista” philosophies that I pull from at different times, and this is one of them. I have a long held philosophy that there are times that a “quick fix” is needed.

But before we implement a “quick fix” lets make sure its at least going in the right direction. Because if we are hasty and fix something that has a short term effect, but makes the long term worse, I would argue that we are in a worse situation that before.

The solution should promote responsibility not greed. It should promote INDIVIDUAL responsibility not government socialism.

And that’s all I got to say about that!



  1. HI Krista. I’m still learning more and more about the bailout, but it seems to be a good idea. As of right now, I’d vote YES for the bailout.

    On my little rant, since I’m “In” the industry (I’m a escrow agent)… I’ve just seen this coming. I mean, I’m not a financial/political wizard by any means, but when I close 100+ loans per month and there isn’t a settlement statement I draw together that doesn’t have seven credit cards to pay off……..that’s a red flag for me.

    People are using their houses as credit cards, then are unable to pay them. It’s really sad.

    Sorry, I had to vent. I mean no offense at all, but sometime we reap what we sow, right? I just pray we can all get back on track, wise up, and move forward stronger after all of this works its way out.

  2. I think most of us saw it coming… except for those wonderful idiots in congress… (Ok, that was mean, I’m sorry, those wonderful representatives who do such a great job for us in Congress…)

    I do agree, we reap what we sow and I guess that is my point, going into debt to help people who were stupid and went into bad debt just seems… off.

    But, wow, They voted no.

    And now it seems the Senate is up to something. It will be an interesting day today methinks.

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