Well… my first week back was… so so.

My numbers look really good.

But they are inflated.

I weighed on Saturday night, New Year’s Eve. After completely gorging on pizza, pop, and a ridiculous amount of junk food.

Two days later, I was already down a few pounds, purely from eating normal after eating so very badly.

So, TECHNICALLY… here are my numbers (I did weigh Thursday night so at least I was getting similar after-dinner results…)

Krista’s Skinny Friday Results:

Week: 4 pounds skinner
Total Skinny Friday: 4 pounds skinner
Total Weight loss since August, 2010: 15 pounds

But, in actuality… I didn’t stick to my diet one little bit. Over the holidays, I got my craving for pop back. And I got my craving for sugar back 100 fold. (well, technically that was over the month of December.)

I think (hope) being able to get back into a routine will help. My kids JUST went back to school yesterday. And we still have Christmas candy in our house which needs to be gone STAT (and given the amount I ate this week… that shouldn’t be much longer!)

There are a billion things I want to get BACK into the habit of doing. But I’m going to concentrate on one thing a week.

This week, it’s LESS POP, MORE WATER!

I’m an addict people. I love my coke/pepsi/sprite/dr pepper. I just do. I don’t do coffee… I do pop. I love the feel of the fizzle down the back of my throat, the sweetness on my tongue, the cold soothing my mouth…

Crap. I need a coke.

But seriously, I’d gotten really good at having only limited amounts of pop once a week, and guzzling massive amounts of water in its place.

This is the habit I aim to focus on rekindling this week.

Discussion: Anything YOU are going to focus on this next week to help you shed the pounds (or anything in general really…?) And, if you’re joining in Skinny Friday fun… how’d you do last week???



  1. Week 1 Skinny Friday: down 2 pounds
    Total Skinny Friday: down 2 pounds

    This week I am trying to increase my veggies, especially raw veggies. I'm really not a big fan of raw vegetables. Fruit, great. Junk food, great. Proteins, great. Carbs, great. Cooked vegetables, great. Raw veggies, BOO. I keep thinking if I could just get myself to eat carrot sticks instead of chips, start dinner with a big salad, snack on cucumbers, etc. Praying God changes my cravings and taste buds!


  2. Well, I didn't weigh in till yesterday so nothing to report.

    I do know, that menopause and grief hitting at the same time is unfair to a body…. I am up about 10 pounds from the beginning of last October.

    Trying to drink water and reduce fats (I have high cholesterol)

  3. Progress is progress, I say! I posted some fired-up words on my blog today about what our motivation should be to lose weight. I don't always follow my own advice, but it's something that God's been convicting me about lately. 🙂

  4. As soon as I finish off this last bag of Christmas wrapped Hershey's kisses, I am going to start! I resisted the great temptation for a soda (we have Sun Drop down here and it is better than any pop you guys up north have!) so there's hope for next week! I haven't had one in two years, they give me terrible headaches. Your description was almost as good as drinking one! But, again, as soon as these kisses are gone, I'm going to start. Maybe i'll eat them all this evening and start tomorrow!?

  5. So far so good on my no-chocolate in January resolve. That's encouraging, but so far it hasn't shown up on the scale. Speaking of scale, we bought a new one this week, and I'm excited because it shows the pounds with tenths. So I could tell from one day till the next that I had lost .8–but this morning, nothing :-(. I don't have a huge am't to lose, but I warn you, the older you get, the harder it is–much harder. So if you're still "young" (however you define that), lose it NOW. I've made some resolutions to be kinder to my body this year, and doing better at what I eat is one of them. Thanks for giving us this platform, Krista, and keep up your good work!

  6. Kristi… Yeah for 2 pounds!!! I'm not a veggie eater… I SHOULD be. But I'm not. *sigh* It makes dieting hard! Good for you for sticking to it!

  7. Beverly… this is a "jump in whenever" kinda thing! Yeah for drinking water and reducing fat!!

  8. Sarah… yes, every step is progress! Which is why I proudly reported it:-) Will jump over to your blog, as I'm sure they are words I need to hear too!

  9. Dina… oh-ma-gosh. You sound just like me! Everytime I decide to STOP EATING CANDY…. I look at the dwindling bowl and think, "Maybe I'll stop when it's gone…"

    *deep sigh*

  10. Esther… yes, I know… I hit thirty in 2011, and I'm realizing that I should have worked harder in my 20's! HA! But… trying to nip it now!

    And yeah for new scales!!! Mine gives me in tenths too, it's digital, but for Skinny Friday, I round to whole pounds, because otherwise, I'd be finicky about things like what I'm wearing and what I just ate:-)

  11. this pepsiaholic can so relate!

  12. I haven't officially started on my "skinny"! I didn't even weigh in because I knew there was too much junk still in the house to even make it worth my effort. I do plan on starting this week.

    For about three years now, I've been trying to kick the soda habit and start pouring in the water. I used to drink 10 – 12 glasses a day but I got out of the habit when my HLHS boy was born. My goal this week is less Dew more H2O!

    I'm getting a late start but I'll weigh in Friday! Like one of my Bible school teachers used to say, "I will not quit! By God's grace, I can do it!

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