My weight-loss quest has been bleak at best lately. I just couldn’t get past my manic need for large quantities of all things unhealthy for me.

This week, though, while I did not stay on any kind of a diet and only exercized once, I actually have results to post! Hallelujah!

Krista’s Skinny Friday Results:

Week: 2 pounds skinner
Total Skinny Friday: 6 pounds skinner
Total Weight loss since August, 2010: 17 pounds

SO yeah rah for 2 pounds!

This came mostly with “doing” more around the house, and not snacking nearly as much as I was. I think this was just my bodies initial shock to not quite so much food! But, I’m hoping/praying I can get on a roll and keep lessening that food intake, doing more, and eating a little better. My goal is to get back on the “roll” I was in last year when I lost my initial 15 pounds.

The keyword for this week is: SELF-CONTROL.

I teach it to my kids, but it’s SO SO SO hard to teach it to myself.

My daughter once told me, “I can’t help it if I hit my sister. She just makes me so mad and my arm just hits her.”

This led to a discussion about the choices we have in life, and how no one “makes” us do pretty much anything. We have self-control, meaning we control our actions. It also was a good discussion about sin and how having Jesus breaks the power sin has over us.

Back to weight-loss. I’m trying to remind myself that I have POWER over my eating habits, over my exercise habits. They are choices that I make, and no one MAKES me down a 2 liter of Coke in a day (only slight exaggeration…)

And really, this can be applied to all areas of our lives. Not just weight-loss.

But worry…. and spending habits… and cleaning habits… and a whole lot of other things that we (read I) have issues with.

Now, let’s all sit down in a circle, hold hands, and hum really loud to bring out our inner skinny people—

Or, just eat less and do more, kay?

Or…. you could take to eating shoes instead of food like Annabelle… (see picture)

So, how did YOU do this week? And what are some things you can try to muster up some self-control and conquer this next week?



  1. I was doing okay, down 10 more lbs this month. Then I sold my engagement ring and did some major emotional eating yesterday – bombed! But I've been walking daily and got up to 1.5hrs on aerobics this week. Trying to focus on the positives…joining you in the circle.

    1. Lis, I can totally see how that would bring on some emotional eating! I'm so sorry you're having to go through that:-(

      Yes! Focus on the positives! And the BIGGEST positive of all, the never moving one, is Jesus.

      *hugs* Praying for you my friend!

    2. Thanks Krista. I definitely wasn't expected this after 13 and half years of devotion…but it is what it is. Please specifically, I need prayer for 2 more children to join my preschool. I can finish my education and easily scrape by if God would just send 2 more children to my care. Otherwise? my daughter and I are not going to make it :'(

  2. Just trying to eat healthier and smaller portions in general.

    1. Angie, that is exactly what I do! Make healthier choices and smaller portions.

      The smaller portions is what led to my 2 pounds. Now I need to add the healthier choices, ha!

  3. This week I am up half a pound but for January I am down 3. My main focus is better eating as my cholesterol is high. I am proud of those 3 pounds as this has been an emotional time, my son's wife left her rings on the counter and left. None of us saw it coming.

    1. Beverley, oh my goodness. I am so so so sorry. I can't imagine how you're feeling, and that is NOT what you needed at this time. Please know your family is in my prayers!

      Losing weight when emotions are high is so very hard. And really concentrating on your health vs weight is the exact thing you need to do!

      Prayers, my friend, and hugs from afar!

  4. I'm officially restarting Skinny Friday today. Last Friday I weighed 270. Today I weigh 263.4. (-6.6 pounds) I'm doing the 17-Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno. I have had to have self-control today because the boys are eating pizza and donuts (Friday allergy shot day treat), and I'm feeding them to Simon but not eating them myself.

    1. YEAH for 6 pounds!!!! And YEAH for self-control! I didn't have great self-control today, I shall admit. And tomorrow is chalked full of opportunities to eat. However, I am going to try and be good! You are my inspiration:-)

  5. Krista,
    How appropriate! We are sitting here after the funeral of my mother-in-law. We are discussing family memories … some of which are sibling childhood disagreements. I read your daughter's statement, "I can't help it if I hit my sister. She just makes me so mad and my arm just hits her", aloud to the family. They all just laughed.

    You made a lot of good points. Of course this hasn't been agood week to think about diet; however, I need to remember the points you made about our decisions. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

    Remember me in your circle. I hope to join you soon.

    1. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for your loss, Tammi!

      I remember the "after funeral" memory making from when we lost my grandparents… it is so sad to lose a loved one but for some reason there is great peace in those moments of being with family and reminiscing.

      I'm glad I could supply a little bit of a laugh during such a time!

      You will definitely be remembered and prayed for in our circle!

  6. So…I've heard it said once that going on a "diet" is never the answer instead it is a lifestyle change. We've had a lifetime to create our bad habits, and they can be hard to break! Congratulations to all the ladies on here and those that are reading on the decision to change your life…even during the hard times. Don't be discouraged when you have a bad or so-so day (with food choices), because tomorrow is another day and you get to start all over again with good choices. Keep fighting the good fight!

    1. Great advice, Marci! Thank you!!!!

  7. I weighed in yesterday evening at WW and lost another 2 pounds, for a total of 8.4. Slow and steady. Just think how good we are going to feel this summer!

    1. YEAH, Sherrinda!!!! Yes, we are going to feel GOOD this summer, that's right! Still won't ever rock a 2 piece regardless of HOW skinny I get… (Heck, a one-piece w/o a cover up is probably not even gonna happen) but still, I'll feel good:-)

  8. Thanks, Krista. I greatly appreciate the prayers and the comfort of your words. You are right … there is great peace being with family and reminiscing.

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