Showing Love – A Real Life Example

I don’t blog a lot about my older girls anymore, mostly because they are getting older and don’t always love it!

But I’m making an exception today, because I need to brag on my eldest daughter.

My sweet girl has a TON of friends, because she’s one of the friendliness, kindest 13-year-olds I know. But with two girls that live in our street, she’s formed BFF status with. They study together, play whenever they can, and are just super close.

Last week, they did something that made me want to cry.

It’s rare that you see acts of “true” love. Oh, we have acts of kindness and love, and “random acts of kindness” by paying for the person in front of you in the drivethru are popular, which is GREAT.

But going a step farther… not only gave out of our “blessings” but putting aside even our pride for the sake of another…. that is rare.

That’s what my sweet daughter and her friend did last week.

You see, school was starting on Friday, and they’d planned to have a “fun” evening the Wednesday before, as a final last-free-night of summer. It was just going to be simple, I was going to get pizza and they were going to play board games at our house.

But then one of the girls found out she had lice.

Ohhhh, I itch just at the thought! We had a HORRIBLE time with the pesky little creatures a few years ago.

Anyway, her mom said, while they had treated her a few days prior, she didn’t think it’d be a good idea for her teen to come to our house (and I tended to agree…)

The three musketeers were distraught, their last week of summer ‘ruined’.

But they came up with an idea. They’d take some pizza for her over there, and all play games outside in the lawn.

And… they wore shower caps!!!

Yes, picture teenage girls, all super particular about their appearance, putting aside their pride for the sake of showing their friend love so she didn’t feel left out. Karalynn wore a clear plastic cap, and her friend wore a bright pink showercap.

I wish I had gotten a picture.

What makes me smile even more is the fact they aren’t your typical best friends. They represent three different religions: Protestant, Catholic, and Mormon. (We’re the protestant…)

In all their dealings, I’ve never once heard any of them disparage the others beliefs or have a “debate” about religion, although they’ve definitely discussed it.

Honestly? They are how I WISH all of us could get along.

Not this “I’m right, you’re wrong, so I’m BETTER” like many (in ALL beliefs have… atheism included!)

And not the opposite, “Maybe we’re ALL right…let’s just all hold hands and agree!” because… let’s be honest. We can’t all be right, and expecting someone to validate your beliefs when it goes against their own is not fair and not in anyones best interest, except for whoevers beliefs ends up validated in the end.

But instead, to agree that we have differences, and choose love anyway, is the way I *wish* our world could run.

I’m not naive. I know it won’t ever happen.

But to see a tiny piece of that here in my home… it just makes my Mommy heart smile.

Discussion: Has your child ever taught you a lesson in true love?