Did a stupid thing today.

Was looking for videos on my SD cards to post of Annabelle walking… and was moving some files to my hard-drive since I had a BILLION pictures/videos (slight exaggeration…) on the card.

10 pictures in, I accidentally deleted the WHOLE FOLDER that contained the pictures on the SD card.

I about had a heart attack. Holy cow.

Through the power of Facebook/Twitter… I was informed that there is software to recover those files. (waving at those who helped… THANKS!!!)

So YEAH! I got them back.

Along with every other file that had ever been deleted from the SD card…. and after about 3 hours of researching and executing and reformatting and waiting on my computer to obey…. but that is besides the point!

Anyway, today is MOVIE DAY at Krista’s blog.

Annabelle has made some HUGE HUGE steps lately, so thought I’d showcase her….

New speaking ability. (No words yet, but if BA was a word, she’d have it mastered!) Sorry about the crying at the end… thought I’d edited the video to take that out but yeah, I didn’t. But she’s still cute when she gets mad, too:-)

New hippo and bus filling ability. (We worked forEVER it seems in OT to figure out how to put things “in” to containers… yeah, I think we can officially check that one off the list!)

And of course, her mad walking skills! She gets better every single day, I’M LOVIN’ IT! This is at the transplant reunion last Sunday.



  1. Oh, and special thanks to the Columbia Wal-Mart… the Hippo toy was a Christmas present from them last year!!!! It was a hit, as you can plainly see!

  2. Absolutely love these videos! They each brought joy to my heart. Such progress she has made. God is awesome!

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